Benecig Killer 260W Mech Mod – The Mech that isn’t a Mech

This mod was kindly sent to me from my friends at Gearbest for the purpose of review their generosity will not influence my opinion of this mod. The Benecig Killer can be yours for $49 USD at the time of this review. Lets get one thing straight before we dive into this, despite the packaging …

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Aegis Legend Kit, Hit or Myth? – Woftam

I would like to thank Healthcabin for sending me the Aegis Legend Kit free of charge for review. Despite that I will give my honest opinion. Packaging: Pretty standard packaging for a Geekvape kit and as always loads of spare o-rings, extra seals and screws. In true Geekvape style they have never scrimped on the …

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Geekvape Blitzen – A Visit from St. Nicholas?

I would like to thank Healthcabin  for sending me the Blitzen free of charge for review. Despite that I will give my honest opinion. Packaging: The Blitzen comes in the standard orange and black box which is associated with geekvape. Mine is the sample pack, so yours may look a little different. The contents however, …

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Woftam’s Review – Ammit 25 RTA – I’m late to the party Dammit!

The Ammit 25 was sent to me for the purpose of this review directly from the fine folks at You can purchase it here: Geekvape Ammit 25


Package Contents:

The Ammit 25 comes nicely presented in a clear plastic box, with security wrap and seal stickers. There is also the customary scratch and sniff on the back of the box for authenticity checks.

Ammit 25 box front and back

Ammit 25 RTA
Extra glass 5 ml tank
510 Delrin drip tip
810 / Goon-style drip tip adapter with 810 drip tip
Chimney extension for use with 5 ml tank
Extras: o-rings | T-style screwdriver | 4 x extra grub screws


Ammit 25 box contents

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Woftam’s HOG Vs CLONE – Who Makes The Boss HOG

Who Makes The Boss HOG

I was a bit gun shy doing this as I have seen reviewers shunned for even mentioning a clone but hey fuck it lets have a look anyhow.

I purchased both of these mods but that will not have any effect on my opinion.

So to truly compare 2 things all the variables have to be exactly the same this is how I have set up.

2 Aromamizer plus with 20ml extension tanks

Identical dual coils in each .32 ohms** (single 316l 26 wrapped in ss316l 40 3.5mm id 7 wraps)
Same juice Diy Strawberry Cream Pie
4 x new vtc5a batteries in each mod.
All coils were wicked with the same strip of rayon.

1x Authentic 4 Horsemen Hammer of God v3.1
1x Clone Hammer of God v3.1

** The manufacturer recommends no lower than .4 ohm coils but they also say you should not leave it unattended or use it in any sexual nature so meh. That said please know you batteries and Ohms Law and build safely.

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Woftam’s review of the HellVape Dead Rabbit – Tell Me About the Rabbits George

 This Is What I Think

They’re dead Lenny now STFU.


Well the Dead Rabbit box in an interesting colour choice a drab green but do we care about it nope – I personally couldn’t care if it came wrapped in in an old sock as long as it protects the contents during shipping which this one did.

What’s in the box:
Well the rda of course, a goodie bag with some spare o rings a couple of hex keys, spare grub screws, a bf pin, a 510 adaptor, a 810 drip tip – pretty much you standard set of bits.


First Impressions:

Dead Rabbit – interesting name but hey we all see some crazy names for vape gear but this one is truly original like the deck. I have to say the innovation in decks is evolving quickly as of late and the Dead Rabbit has a unique deck. I’m not even sure what you would call it, it is a postless deck but raised so I am gunna just call it a pedestal postless deck (totally awesome name if you ask me).

The unit is really well machined, nice tight O rings, super clean on arrival, the engraving is nice and crisp and clean. It also comes with some good bits and pieces including a resin drip tip. The air holes are high on the sides which they need to be due to the pedestal postless deck (patent pending) they are fairly big and slant down to hit directly on the coil/coils (there are 3 in the cap for single or dual coil set ups). I wouldn’t describe it as an airy rda it flows a little less wide open than an original goon does (if that helps you at all).

I love a postless deck I just find them a breeze to build on the only draw back is cutting the coil legs to the right length but because this deck is on a pedestal and the coils holes go all the way through it is super easy to put the coils in with slightly longer legs and just trim the excess off – a really nice touch (it is the little things that make toppers stand out from the crowd).

Please excuse my pic I cant find my macro lens so I just had to make do (TBH I don’t ever lose things my wife just puts them away in a random spot that makes no sense at all so I will probably find it in the freezer or something).

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Woftam’s review of the Wotofo Serpent BF RDA – Does this come in man size?

 This Is What I Think

This item was provided by heavengifts to Steampugs the fact that it was provided free of charge will not have any impact on this review.

First impressions:

Ok lets get one thing out of the way first 22mm rda are not really my thing I much prefer something a little bigger (resisting a ‘That’s what she said’ is quite hard but I think I managed it, dammit no I didn’t). Serpent to me conjures up images of a huge snake of unholy proportions (turns out it actually refers to any snake so something new learned today). This is by far the smallest rda I have in both girth and height (22mm w x 30mm h)- I will try not to let that alone be the defining focus of this review.

Package Contents:

The Serpent comes in a standard box with 3 mystery bags, with a 510 drip tip attached (with an adapter) and a ultem wide bore drip tip.

Serpent BF RDA
Extra grub screws & O rings
3 Coils
Filler plug (to fill the spare well if you want to use a single coil).
Tri Tool – good and long.
User Manual
Japanese Cotton.
Tshirt give away card

Serpent BF RDA Packaging
Serpent BF RDA Packaging

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