Pugsley’s Ruggedly Handsome Review of Geekvape’s Aegis Legend 200w TC Mod

We’ve all been there…….you may have partaken in a few too many loudmouth soups the night before, you stumble downstairs in dire need of a caffeine assisted reality check…. You give your face a 10 minute power nap on the kitchen work top while you wait for the coffee to come into being  …because let’s …

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Pugsley’s relentless savagery review of the Geekvape Aegis 100w Mod

Better late than never as the saying goes, this review was actually supposed to have been done around 2 months ago, I’m not sorry though…and I’ll tell you why…. Like most people I instantly fell in love with the pictures that were posted of this heavy duty ‘Tonka Toy’ mod and it was literally seconds before I put my feelers out to try and snag one for review. Roll forward a week and I get the text message from DHL to let me know that my Aegis was out on the van and due for delivery THAT day…..exciting times you might think…..but then…


It’s one thing living with the torture of waiting on your vape mail not knowing which day it’s actually going to be delivered if it’s something you’re particularly looking forward to but….being told it’s being delivered THAT day….and that’s the last thing you hear?…….for 48…long….traumatic hours?……There are genuinely no words….

I caved….Obviously…..and got on the blower to these ‘Charlatans’ to see exactly….what the fuck they were playing at…

“Ah….yes Mr Foster….we have been expecting your call, unfortunately we did not have your number to let you know that….and I’m truly sorry to tell you this but……the DHL van was stolen…and your package with it”

I did of course politely explain that they had actually sent me a text message therefore did in fact have my number and could of told me 2 days earlier thus preventing me from having a near nervous breakdown, I also asked in a very friendly manner how it was possible to lose a whole van whilst on it’s delivery rounds and how I did indeed….hope that no one was hurt in said mishap….or….something close to that….

To further add fuel to this utter dismal affair the supplier that sent me the Aegis…and indeed every other supplier I review for…..had completely run out of stock by this point……The Aegis…it would seem….would just simply pass me by….

Until now…….. (you are by far the biggest drama queen known to man)

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