Pugsley’s porpoisely stumpy review of the Arctic Dolphin Hector RTA

If you ever swam with dolphins, or even merely petted one,  you will understand the joy they can bring to a person, their intelligent playful nature is capable of bringing a heartwarming inner glow to the hardest of characters…not me…I’m a big girl, when I petted a dolphin I grew pigtails and made high pitched…what was then described as…kitten squeals….I even weed my self slightly…

But what if I told you….. It’s all a ploy.

You see dolphins have been busy, they’ve been plotting an invasion on the vaping world for some time now…don’t believe me?…sounds too ridiculous? ….well check this top secret footage I was sent by ‘a friend’ prior to starting this review…

And that’s only half their plan, knowing that invading whilst stuck in the water is nigh on impossible, they are also hell bent on creating dolphin/human hybrids to carry out the attack…known as ‘Peopoise’

And when I say ‘hell bent’….I mean ravenous.

You see Dolphins know exactly how you feel about them, and they’re a clever little bunch alright, they will draw you in with their smiley wide grins and their puppy dog happy eyes until you are literally putty in their flippers….and then before you can shout FLIPPIN ECK!..

No one is safe.


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