About Steampugs, A dog’s tale.

Hey Vapers, If you’ve made it this deep into the rabbit hole then either you’re a fellow Vaper with an equally obsessive interest in all things Vapey, or you just like looking at random websites full of information you have no interest in….which is just a tad odd, but hey!..odd is good!…and both types are more than welcome in my world, a world of never ending happiness…where you can always see the sun….day…or night (sniff…kudos to anyone who gets the reference…I will get over it one day )

I am the one they call Pugs, I have been vaping on and off for around 5 years. After the last episode on the stinkies where I not so much ‘fell off the wagon’ but rather took a running jump off it and face planted the floor at 100mph, I decided to delve deeper into the E- Cigarette world, bin my ‘pens’ and go for something a little bigger, A Vamo V8 40w seemed logically idiotic at the time but it was the early stages of a sickness that was to overcome me to the point where I needed to know everything about this crazy business we call…vape….business … and in the process get as many people off the stinkies as I could, and spread the word…. and with this.. Steampugs was born (catchy eh …).

If you like to read reviews that give you the technical specifications on the inside workings of the vape chamber of a rebuildable tank then…this site is not for you.

If you like to understand how a certain temperature controlled mod behaves at a certain temperature with a certain wire that has a certain internal diameter at a certain ohms….then this site is not for you.

If however, you like to be entertained by a fruit bat who likes to see comedy in most….usually inappropriate situations and has crossed that over into the world of Vape reviews giving you a more lighthearted approach to giving you the kind of information that really matters (does it look cool…will it not blow my face off….does it work) then CONGRATULATIONS!  woop!….you my lovely reprobate…are in the right place .

Of course, this wasn’t all my own doing, I am not a mentalist sat in a dark room with a laptop, surrounded by a stack of dirty TV dinner trays and cat poo who just ‘decided’ his views were bound to be of interest to the world, No, I am being threatened to do this by my so called ‘friends’ who have kidnapped my teacup Chihuahua and now send me little envelopes full of dog hair and nail clippings every time I refuse to review something, so you see…I have no choice .

Huge thanks and props go out to my ELR family, without their continued immense support none of this would be here, if you are not a member of the ELR Forum, then you are just a ‘member’ …and you need to deal with that.

Massive thanks to SirRisc for taking me under his review ‘wing’ and showing me what’s what, you are indeed a legend sir.

And an almost incomprehensible amount of respect, thanks and buckets of Kudos to the chosen one we call Neo who built this site in between fighting agents and stopping the machines from destroying Zion, you Grubby sir..are fucking awesome.

Your’s eternally vapeful