Woftam’s HOG Vs CLONE – Who Makes The Boss HOG

Who Makes The Boss HOG

I was a bit gun shy doing this as I have seen reviewers shunned for even mentioning a clone but hey fuck it lets have a look anyhow.

I purchased both of these mods but that will not have any effect on my opinion.

So to truly compare 2 things all the variables have to be exactly the same this is how I have set up.

2 Aromamizer plus with 20ml extension tanks

Identical dual coils in each .32 ohms** (single 316l 26 wrapped in ss316l 40 3.5mm id 7 wraps)
Same juice Diy Strawberry Cream Pie
4 x new vtc5a batteries in each mod.
All coils were wicked with the same strip of rayon.

1x Authentic 4 Horsemen Hammer of God v3.1
1x Clone Hammer of God v3.1

** The manufacturer recommends no lower than .4 ohm coils but they also say you should not leave it unattended or use it in any sexual nature so meh. That said please know you batteries and Ohms Law and build safely.

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