Pugsley’s Girthy Review of The Steam Crave Titan PWM Mod V1.5 & Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA

The Steam Crave Titan PWM Mod V1.5 & Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA

There is one question, and it’s a question that has certainly been discussed in depth with my own personal group of fluffy fog throwers for nigh on 5 years now. At times…..these conversations could get a little heated, with one camp claiming one thing….and the other camp, as they slowly come around from being unconscious for several days, claiming to not know exactly what’s going on, where they are, and why indeed they appear to have been thrown into some kind of ‘camp’ …..what can I say….I don’t like to be disagreed with…

But it is indeed a question that has never been fully answered and agreed upon, I would even go as far as to say that this particular question carries with it the weight of something almost ‘taboo’, only being quietly muttered in very small groups of the same gender, whichever gender that might be….I don’t know…fucking choose one….let’s say ‘toasters’ for the sake of an argument….not that I’m assuming ….obviously…

I guess that’s because some members of these camps have certain ‘insecurities’ about what they brought to the party?……Or maybe they have in the past….had particularly bad experiences with attempting to finally answer this almost mythical conundrum, bringing on bouts of trauma, or even possible personal injury?…..SO!……..What is this question that has vast swathes of us all up in a tizz?……

‘Which is better?……Length or Girth?’

Personally, I’m in camp ‘Girth’, and there are a lot of people around me who feel the same way. Unless you like waking up in a field in the middle of nowhere I’d strongly advise you not to disagree with us… We like something that feels chunky in the hand, and we have even gone as far as creating specific training routines in order to become accustomed to getting our mouths around such a girthy tip…

It takes practice, but the outcome is totally worth it.

Yes sir, we do like our 30+mm RDA’s & RTA’s and something substantial enough to put them on….what did you think I meant?….Filthy minded motherf….

However…..even though we have always been resolute with our own answer to this ultimate question, there now appears to be an all new question which has stirred up the hornets nest somewhat, and that question is this….

‘Can we have both?’

Could we?…..Would we?…..Dare we attempt to assume that it is actually ok to want our fat Victoria Sponge….and to eat it as well? Well…..one certain manufacturer seems to think so, as they brazenly swanned in to the joint and announced with complete and utter abandon…

I mean…how dare they stir up such unrest in the community, I bet they never even considered the Gluten and Lactose intolerant amongst us, man…I fucking miss cake……I no longer know where I was going with this….

Shall we?….I think we should….

Welcome back my preposterously plus sized plume posse, ‘tis I back again with much…MUCH more of the same, so much more in fact, that I even had doubts of my own ability to accommodate such a monolithic undertaking, yet…here I am, with my overly toned mouth and pumped up left arm ready to take the battle to the masses like the true professional and globally recognised, award winning warrior….that I indeed….am..

Never one to shrink to a challenge.

So, as if I really need to explain who this particular troublesome manufacturer actually is (it’s literally in the title) …we are obviously back in the realm of oversized beauty. Steam Crave and I have something of an understanding just lately, they will give me everything they have, and in return I will not post out those photoshopped pictures of BJ Shi having sex with a Capybara. Sometimes….my vindictive artistic streak and general underhandness pays off, and so far….so good.

But I have to admit…..even though I was well aware of the devices that I have for you today way before I actually received them, I was not really fully prepared for what was indeed…to come, so….let’s stop talking absolute pishposh, and get down and dirty with this gargantuan mouth dildo duo, as I present to you, courtesy of my heavily blackmailed friends at Steam Crave, the Steam Crave Titan PWM Mod V1.5 & Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA

Now, first things first, this is not a ‘kit’ as such. As the name would suggest, the Titan PWM Mod V1.5 has been designed with Steam Craves voluptuous Titan 41mm RDTA in mind, but….well….as nice as it is to finally have a mod that will fit that particular aquarium, I was more intrigued by the newer and in my opinion, better looking, Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA, which actually is available as a combo with their dual 21700 Hadron 220 mod. But, you know me….I like to walk my own path…

Plus….literally on top of that, the Titan PWM Mod V1.5 actually has a 35mm 510 plate, and the Ragnar RDTA is….yes..you’ve guessed it…..35mm, and not 41mm like the Titan so…..I don’t want to say I know better…..

So…the Steam Crave Titan PWM Mod V1.5 & Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA it is then…..fuckyouverymuch.

The Lowdown

We’ll start with the Steam Crave PWM Mod V1.5, purely because there’s really not a whole let to tell you about it. As far as mods go it’s as about as complicated as……erm……something that’s not very complicated (?). What it is though…is fucking monolithic..

It’s a PWM mod – that’s ‘Pulse Width Modulation’ to those who can’t use Google – meaning that instead of one solid burst of uniformed power, you get very quick pulses instead. You can’t feel them, but it’s a method of delivering power in vaping that’s been around for a long time. I have always been a fan, it seems to do something to the flavour of your liquid that conventional power delivery does not. It’s also a straight out variable voltage mod that runs from four 18650’s in a parallel series configuration, or in short….don’t think of it has having 4 batteries….think of it more as having two fuck off batteries instead. The result of this is a maximum delivery of 8.4v, which….depending on a few variables such as the condition of your batteries and the ohms you’re using, translates to around 300w of pure savage…power, something that I…..should probably not be left alone with….

Now….you may have noticed that this is in fact the V1.5. I never actually owned the V1, but I am well aware of it, and only when you know about the V1, can you really understand why this is the V1.5, and not the V2…..the differences really are slight, and in most cases, are hidden away on the internals. But….there are three main areas that are instantly and notably different…..let’s start at the top…

Gone from the V1 is the none existent top plate, and instead, as I mentioned earlier, we have this beautiful landing pad…..

It’s 35mm across, meaning you could probably land a small helicopter on it, and it’s also vented, should you want to use an air fed top…if…people still do that (shrugs). But for me personally?…..I just think it’s a beautiful thing, there’s something about a large polished plate that just tickles my nethers…..am I alone with that?…….Meh.

Another change to the appearance from the V1 is the……indents…..finger channels……grip dents……ribbed shaft……..fuck it, these things..

They offer substantially more grip than the smoothed out V1, and as well as the functionality, they also break up the appearance really well, I dig that.

And finally….and undoubtedly the most controversial change from the V1….is this windmill lookin’ motherfucker….

I don’t know if it’s modelled off a robotic daisy, a circular saw blade, or like I said….a fucking windmill, but my word It is the weirdest fire button in the history of fire buttons. Thankfully however…..I really, really like weird, so…..I really, really like this, and I do not care who thinks I’m mental. It’s kinda Steampunkish with it’s cogs and whatnot, and obv I do like the whole Steampunk thang, but honestly, I like it because it’s just so….WHOA….I think BJ Shi was having his own personal happy time with a bottle of Absinth and a fat bag of skunk when he designed the fire button. I did ask him….but his answer was inconclusive….

No shit.

Regardless of the over elaborate fabulousness of said fire button….it does serve a purpose beyond looking like a Chinese Ninja weapon, because it’s turning this wheel that dictates your voltage, and because of the sheer size of it….this is much easier to do than on the V1, which did work in the same way, but had a much smaller knob…


Everything else on the surface is pretty much the same, The screen is in the same place and displays the same information…

You’re talking straight power shooting here though, no elaborate menu system to navigate, no TC, no bypass, no curve mode, no memory slots, nothing. You get variable voltage…..and that shallot. 5 clicks on and off, 3 clicks to lock the wheel, and on the display you get the set voltage, the equivalent wattage, ohms of your coils, and two battery gauges to display what’s left in the tank on both banks of two batteries…..and speaking of batteries….

All four are inserted into its bottom through a removable, vented, battery door plate, with positive and minus markings clearly visible on both the door and the bottom of the battery tubes.

However, the real changes have happened to the internals apparently….I wouldn’t know, seeing as I have never owned a V1, and let’s be honest, I probably wouldn’t understand a word they were saying if they told me exactly what they’d done. So I’ll just say it’s an ‘improved’ chipset…and leave it at that. What I can tell you however, is that there is no reason to fear this titanic Titan because of it’s simplicity – don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s not completely in control of what it’s doing with all that power, because it may well be simple….but it’s also safe, offering low voltage protection, short circuit protection, over-time protection, over-current protection, over-discharge protection, over-temperature protection, double ribbed strawberry tickler protection and battery reverse protection….simple maybe, but not so stupid.

RIGHT THEN…….time to go straight to the top of this girth worm and take a gander at the crown on this self imposed mighty, meaty match up, as we take a closer look at the Steam Crave Ragnar RDTA.  35mm of stainless, dual coil, dual airflow, fire breathing, bad ass, barbaric lunacy…

Now….there’s another reason I chose to review the Ragnar with the PWM V1.5 over the Titan, and that reason is….I knew it was better. Don’t get me wrong…as far as 41mm tanks go, there is nothing really to compete with the Titan, but….even though I love the ridiculousness of the thing and it does give me somewhere to keep my pet whales, it’s just not very practical, nor is it exactly a flavour banger either. Plus…at over 3 years old it’s practically a pensioner….things have changed, and that is no more noticeable….than with the airflow.

80% side airflow and 20% bottom airflow, and it’s that little oval inlet underneath the honeycomb air holes that makes ALL the difference, because that is where the 20% bottom airflow comes into play……and once you get to the heart of the matter….you can see why. Simply remove the deck in the same way as you do with most other Steam Crave decks, unscrew the base….and pull it out…

Now….for me….I’m bottom airflow all the way. You only have to ask my other half about that, I’m sure she’d agree…

So seeing Steam Crave pay a little attention to this area made me a very…very happy boy. That little oval air vent you see on the outside? Well that lines up with the build deck, flows straight underneath it, straight up through the honeycomb block, and straight through your coils…

It just doesn’t get any more bottom airflow than that…..well..actually that’s a lie, if it were up to me I’d figure out how to make that 20% a lot nearer to the 100% mark….

The build deck itself, the one that comes pre-installed anyway, is a pretty straight forward deck all things considered, albeit bigger than usual. It’s postless, has those tiny hex screws that I love and you all hate, can fit a sizeable pair of chunky twisties, and has two very large wicking channels….I have to say…this is hard to get wrong.

Just make sure you don’t over-stuff the wicking channels, and don’t sit your coils too high. Also, don’t sit them too low either, the last thing you want to do is restrict that 20% bottom airflow….give the air enough space to flow through and completely envelope your coils, allowing it to lick every last drop of flavour from your Aliens before it slaps the lot right into your cake-hole.

And of course, never forget the all important pre-icing on that very cake either…..

And in receiving the ‘Advanced’ kit….I also received not one, but two other build decks – the old skool Velocity style deck, and the Mesh deck kit that comes with their other advanced kits, both of which are considerably smaller than the Ragnar’s larger postless affair. However…..you also get a chamber reducer, a simple sleeve that you insert first, allowing you to utilise Steam Crave’s standard build decks…..nice touch.

Something else you get with the ‘Advanced’ kit is the option to expand your tank capacity from the already rather gluttonous 18ml to an outrageously, down right greedy ……25ml..

Cake….AND eat it.

Is this entirely necessary?….Well, call me cantankerous, but I’m sticking with my love for girth, adding length to the equation will only slightly deaden the taste…..you know…I’m reading this back to myself…I know how it sounds (sigh).

The thing is, you need the shortest possible path from the air hitting your coils, to it reaching your mouth, with as little as possible getting in the way, and when you look at just how close things are inside the deck chamber of the Ragnar….

You’re already onto a winner, so adding a lengthy chimney into the mix won’t really do you any favours with your flavours. It’s not a vast difference, but it’s noticeable, so I opted for the meagre 18ml capacity (ahem…meagre?)….and stuck with it.

Other points worthy of mention are of course Steam Crave’s undeniably perfect top fill system….

Two humongous kidney shaped fill ports heavily recessed to avoid ‘accidents’ …there are no bottles I have found which struggle here, best thing ever, hands down. And to top it all off….in every sense of the word….one of the nicest stock drip tips I’ve seen to come included with an off the shelf package…

That….is a thing of sheer fucking beauty right there, and it’s standard 810…not that you’d want to swap it out.

Finally, of course, is the juice flow control, clearly visible in all the above pictures – something which at one point, I really couldn’t see the need for, but now with my revitalised Steam Crave obsession….it is something I simply wish were on all tanks, it’s that useful. You can change flavours easily by keeping it sealed until you feel the first hint of a dry hit, then open it up to let your new flavour flood in, and there’s zero chance of it throwing it’s guts up all over your lap when you take the top off and re-fill, big fan….there is of course the argument that if a tank is built correctly then there should be no need for that….but I think we all know by now that this just simply is not the case with a lot of RTA’s on the market, and simply closing off the airflow in some, is not enough.

The Specs

Titan PWM Mod V1.5

Size: H110mm W40mm D40mm

Battery: 4* 18650 batteries(not included)
Max Output: 300W
Output current: 60A
Input current: 45A
Overtime Protection<=10s
Short-circuit protection>=0.06ohm
Low voltage protection>=5.6V
Firing speed: 25ms
Thread: 510


1x Titan PWM MOD
1x User manual
1x Steam Crave sticker

Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA

well….there’s just entirely too much to type there…so….

Up one for procrastination.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Steam Crave Titan PWM Mod V1.5 & Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA would be thus…..FUCK YEAH….BUY THEM!

Oh you want more?….Fiiiiiiiiiiine (sigh)….In short (pffft), these two devices together could not be more up my street if they tried their damnedest. One simple to operate, huge chunk of overpowered alloy monolithic gargantuan is all I need for an inhouse device, no…of course I wouldn’t take it out with me, are you insane? There is no belt strong enough to keep my pants up if I pocketed one of these things, not to mention the fact that it would look like I had an enormous, square penis….instead of my….regular shaped…..enormous penis (ahem). I mean I’d love to tell you just exactly how much weight we are talking about here when the the Titan PWM Mod V1.5 & Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA are fully ‘mated’ and primed,  but….erm….

You catch my drift.

It is my perfect table-top mod, that is not customised in any case. But then I always knew it would be, and when you team it up with the Ragnar, which is in my opinion the best tank Steam Crave make, then….it’s like Mr ‘Win’ himself came right over and wrote his name all over the fucking thing…win, win, win, win, win, WIN.

But that’s my personal preference, which in the grand scheme of things, means fuck all to you, so, here are the ‘things’ …..The Titan runs on 4 batteries in a parallel series configuration, meaning you have the power and battery life of two MASSIVE batteries, so 300 watts is easily achieved, if you’re mentally unstable. But for the more levelled amongst us, what that actually means is battery life for days – I’ve been running a 0.09Ω build in the Ragnar since I had it, and running it at around 4v which equates to around 178 watts, or in pure scientific terms….’loads’……and I still get a full day of use out of it….that’s phenomenal.

I also do not mind the fire button, in fact…I think it gives the rather bland and blocky appearance a bit of character. There is only one catch with it though, it’s easy to nudge because it’s so big, so…give it three clicks and lock your voltage when you find a setting you’re happy with.

The other thing I noticed with the Titan is that when it’s in standby mode (blank screen) and you pick it up to use it, there is a slight delay while it tells you what voltage it’s set at, it’s not huge, it’s around a second, but it’s enough to notice, and it does only happen when it’s in standby….but apart from that… there is literally nothing else bad I can say about it, it’s a hell of a device.

As for the Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA….well….it’s just a fucking masterclass in tank design, the thing is as damned near perfect as far as I can see, the build quality, machining, manufacture etc. etc…are all absolutely top of the line, and to get that much flavour out of a 35mm tank….is quite some achievement.

On top of that, it’s easy to wick and build, has the best top fill in the business, has absolutely perfect tension in everything that moves….and above all else….just looks….absolutely stunning.

Not one con…..not a single one shall come from me on the Ragnar, and I think that may well be a first, well done Steam Crave….well done.

The Price

At time of writing, Steam Crave have the Titan PWM Mod V1.5 on their own site for £62/$80 or thereabouts, I have shopped around a bit and seen it for sale around the £50/$65 dollar range so it’s always worth adopting a little Google-Fu, but find it here…

Steam Crave Titan PWM Mod V1.5

As for the Ragnar, you can find it on their own site in two different kits, you can get the basic kit for £46/$60 , and the advanced kit for £62/$79, find them both here…

Steam Crave Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA Basic Kit

Steam Crave Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA Advanced Kit

Looking at Steam Crave’s own pricing, I would have been honestly surprised if they were any less than that. I think for what you actually get, and the quality of everything there, it’s a bargain and I, for one, cannot recommend the the Titan PWM Mod V1.5 & Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA enough.

For those that have seen this through to the end, this is the part where I like to pimp myself and my good friends out by telling you how fucking fantastic we are and what we’re up to, so…BIG THINGS COMING…. Firstly, there’s our calculator. It’s getting a serious following now, but we’ve completely lost Grubby to this thing, day and night the man is obsessed with coding for what is coming next. It’s…fucking…amazing, so…look out for the changes that are coming very soon here…

Vaping Community – Mixing Calculator  .

Then of course there’s our accompanying forum. It’s starting to fill up with a really good bunch of knowledgeable vapers, who are there to answer your every question. It’s completely free to sign up and offers a warm and drama free welcome, so please feel free to pop in and say ‘Hi!’. It’s becoming a really cool place to be, find us here…

Vaping Community – Forum .

I wouldn’t be doing myself any favours if I failed to mention our one shots either, which are now being sold over at DIY Flavor Chaser,  A range of hand crafted one shots created by the three of us who run the forum, all proceeds of which go directly to the running of that forum, and…if we do say so ourselves….they’re fucking delicious too. Find those here…

Vaping Community One-Shots @ DIY Flavor Chaser

And finally!! There’s always yours truly, and the doors over at Steampugs are open 24/7, for now you will find a plethora of reviews not only be my good self, but also from some of my very talented yet incredibly mean friends, find us here..

Steampugs Vapeology Reviewed

And if you haven’t subscribed to the forum or Steampugs, I highly suggest you do, because next month sometime we will be running an absolute BEAST of a giveaway, where the first prize will be worth anything between 1.5 and 2k….I shit you not, and if you want a taster?…How about the full flavour line from Flavorah plus mixing books…

Worth around $1200, and that’s only part of it, lots of hardware, one-shots, merch and liquids to add to that 1st prize….so keep your eyes peeled, it is ONLY for VC forum and Steampugs members, but no doubt you’ll hear about it when it happens….for now…I’m too busy enjoying The Steam Crave Titan PWM Mod V1.5 & Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA ….I also have to write that out a minimum of 8 times in order to reach an adequate SEO rating…..and that was it, so…..thanks.

Until next time.


The Steam Crave Titan PWM Mod V1.5 & Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA

£100 (for both...ish)

Build Quality











  • Exquisite build quality
  • Simple to operate
  • UNLIMITED POWERRRRR (below 300w)
  • Incredible flavour and vapor production
  • Massive package


  • Wheel/button might be an issue for some
  • I don't have enough of them

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