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I would like to thank Healthcabin for sending me the Aegis Legend Kit free of charge for review. Despite that I will give my honest opinion.

Pretty standard packaging for a Geekvape kit and as always loads of spare o-rings, extra seals and screws. In true Geekvape style they have never scrimped on the spares that they provide.


Aegis Legend Packaging


Aegis Legend MOD
Aero Mesh Version Tank (4 ml Mesh Coil 0.2ohm pre-installed)
Extra glass tube (5 ml)
IM4 0.15-ohm coil head
User manual
Spare parts

Spare Parts


I am going to look at the included Aero Mesh Tank first up.

The Tank:

Aero Mesh Tank specs:
Size: 25 x 45 mm
Capacity: 4ml/5ml
Coil type: mesh coil 0.2 ohm (30-90 W) IM4 0.15 ohm (60-80 W)
Standard 510 thread

There are few nice innovations with this particular tank, however aside from these it is a pretty run of the mill affair which we are all fairly used to by now.

The top cap is not threaded on as per the norm. It has a locking mechanism which is fairly easy to operate with a simple quater turn.
Top Cap Release

There is a trend at the moment with mesh coils and as you expect with a name like Aero Mesh, this tank has them.

Mesh Coil

They heat evenly and produce good flavour and clouds. I feel that the mesh coils produce a drier feeling vape. It appears I may be alone in this as I asked a few fellow reviewers that very question and the consensus among them was that they did not, nonetheless I still think they do. It may well be, as one of my good friends pointed out, I am just being a ‘dripping diva’. Despite my thoughts on the slightly drier vape I do still like this tank and as a subohm tank it does its job very well and is super easy to maintain. If sub ohm tanks are your thing, I would certainly buy the full legend kit.

The Mod:

The Aegis Legend Mod Specs:

Size: 90.5 x 58 x 30.6 mm
Maximum power output: 200 watts
Output modes: VW / VPC / TC / TCR / BYPASS / VPC
Resistance range: 0.05-3.0 ohms
Material: aluminium + zinc alloy + silicon
Batteries: 2x 18650 lithium ion cells (not included)
Temperature range: 100-315c / 200-600f
Protection ratings: IP67 waterproof and dust proof, MIL STD 810G-516.6 military grade shockproof\

The first Aegis was a big hit in my opinion due to it’s rugged nature, the perfect mod for the clumsy among us as it was virtually indestructible. The Legend follows in the same footsteps, with a few really well thought out changes. The upgrade to a dual battery configuration (allowing for a big boost in power) is probably the biggest and best of the changes, but there are a few other tweaks to the mod that are equally as welcome – and one maybe not ideal.

The ability to charge with a USB lead; while it was possible to charge the original with a lead it was a massive pita to do so – it involved removing the USB coverplate with a screw driver and removing a silicon gasket. With the Legend it is just a case of removing the rubber grommet that fills the USB port and sticking a lead in.

USB Port

The Legend will hold a 30mm tank quite easily, but as you can see it will cover the rubber grommet at the front which will make it a little harder should you decide to use the USB charger.

30mm tank

I have to say that the new battery door doesn’t inspire much confidence in me. I liked the original – when I screwed the battery cover in, I was fairly sure that the o-ring and the thread would stop any moisture getting in. The new door is more of a traditional approach and while it has a seal around it, I have on two occasions had it open on me. Don’t get me wrong both times were a result of user error where the door wasn’t quite latched properly, mainly due to the fact that is is tight A/F for the first few battery changes. It has now loosened up a little and I find I don’t need two hands and the strength of a super hero to latch it. Which brings me to another point – it is easier to do up now, so will it continue to become easier and perhaps over time become a point of weakness and allow water ingress? Time will tell I guess.

Battery Door

The colour screen is nice and easy on the eye and has 3 different colours (fire button 3x then + and – for 1 sec to change between them)

Colour Screens

There is also a screen lock which locks the settings but not the mod (+ and – for 1 second unlock is the same)

If you are familiar with the original, the other functions are pretty much the same.

While the temp control is present in all its usual forms TBH I don’t use it much and find the vape it gives is a little anaemic. This is the same for me with other TC mods, so I will assume that it is functional. I do notice that the 80w limit that was present on the original (after firmware update) is not present on the Legend. The power curve can, and does, give quite a nice vape once set up, as does the bypass.

For the most part I really like what they have done with the Legend and I will continue to use the mod.

Pros & Cons:

Aero Tank Pros
Nice airflow
810 resin drip tip
510 drip tip converter
Easy release top cap
Nice flavour.
Well machined and clean out of the box

Aero Tank Cons
Fill holes could be just a touch bigger.

Legend Mod Pros
Easy to navigate
Comfortable in the hand
Water resistant
Dust resistant
Shock resistant
Usb charging if needed
Large easy to find fire button.
Battery Life is quite good (100w .12ohm I averaged around 150 hits)
Build quality

Legend Mod Cons
Battery door (not a huge one but I do question if it will hold up)
Screen Is a bit of a finger print magnet (what screen isn’t?)

Would I buy it?
I would most certainly buy the mod. I perhaps wouldn’t buy the kit, as the sub ohm tank really isn’t my thing. Don’t get me wrong the tank is very good, it is just not something I would use.

You can pick up the kit from Health cabin
or the mod

Vape Advocacy:

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Even though the target has been reached already please consider donating I am sure any excess would be put to good use.

Aegis Legend Kit


Build Quality











  • Nice airflow
  • 810 resin drip tip
  • 510 drip tip converter
  • Easy release top cap
  • Nice flavour.
  • Well machined and clean out of the box
  • Easy to navigate
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Water/Dust/Shock resistant
  • Usb charging if needed


  • Fill holes could be just a touch bigger.
  • Battery door (not a huge one but I do question if it will hold up)
  • Screen Is a bit of a finger print magnet (what screen isn't?)

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