Pugsley’s generically surprising review of the Aleader Funky 160w TC Mod

Today we are going wayyy back, in vaping terms I am talking centuries (almost a whole year), with a device that to all intents and purposes could have been designed by a child. By saying that, I am not saying it’s a piece of shit, nor am I saying that designing mods is easy, I am simply saying that if someone gave crayons to a child and asked them to draw a picture of ‘one of those adult vaping things’…this is what they would probably draw…despite how inappropriate that request would be….which is probably why it’s been sat at the back of the drawer waiting for me to one day go poking around, stumble across it’s uninspiring packaging, and this time …….actually open it….

You see..as a reviewer, you keep your eye out for that ‘latest thing’ ….or at least something innovative, a half decent USP that sets it apart from the rest – you have to keep it fresh and at least make the effort to make it interesting for people. But occasionally you come across a piece of treasure, yes it’s old….but damn…it’s really good…and there’s a chance it may have just slipped you by,… So….here I am, thrusting it with complete irrational abandon…back onto the stage, to get down with it’s funky bad self…once again..

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