D’Man’s review of the GeekVape GBox Squonk Kit

Thanks out to HealthCabin.net for very kindly sending this unit to me for review. But as usual, if something’s not up to snuff, you’ll know about it. Purchase link and discount coupon at the end of the review.

I have never squonked, so maybe it’s fitting that I did this review from a first time squonker’s perspective. Being very picky on flavor, I always review from that perspective first, because if it doesn’t taste good, what’s the point. Have never had great luck with RDA’s in general, so I was anxious to see what this unit would reveal.


GBox Specs:

  • 5 to 200W Output
  • GeekVape AS Chip
  • Seven Total Output Modes
  • Ni200 Nickel Support
  • Titanium Support
  • SS316 Support
  • Kanthal Support
  • POWER Support
  • VPC Support
  • Bypass Mode
  • 0.05 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • 0.1 to 8 Voltage Range
  • 0.96″ OLED Display
  • Dual 18650 Battery (sold separately)
  • Amp Range
  • Output Power
  • Atomizer Resistance
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • Puff Counter
  • 8ml Squonk Bottle Juice Capacity
  • Micro USB Port
  • Charges up to 2A
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Low Voltage/Current/Output Short Circuit/Load/Low Resistance/Overheating

Radar RDA Specs:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Additional Cooling Wide Bore Top Cap
  • Dual Airslots per Side
  • 3mm by 1mm per Airslot
  • Staggered Directional Post Build Deck
  • Two Terminal Per Post
  • 3mm Diameter Terminals
  • Top Mounted Allan Screws
  • 5mm Deep Juice Well
  • Double O-Ring Secured
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Dual Side Airslots
  • 9.5mm by 2mm Each
  • Fully Closeable
  • 10mm Wide Bore 810 Delrin Drip Tip
  • 10mm Bore Delrin 510 Delrin Drip Tip

With dual 18650’s and a juice bottle I was prepared for this to be big, but surprisingly not that big at all, and it fit very nicely in the hand.


Battery venting is achieved through the name, very interesting.


I chose to run it full open on the large slots, but you can easily adjust the flow from wide open to completely shut.

The large OLED 0.96″ display is very good, shows everything you need, but it somewhat dim at the factory setting (easy to change). When maxed out at 100% however it looks very good, but is hard to read in direct sunlight.


The spring loaded 510 pin worked flawlessly and there was no leaking when squonking.


The bottom loading compartment was snug and secure with no rattles, and the slide release proved to be reliable and secure with no accidental unlatching.


The packaging was great and included all the normal documentation, cards, and instructions. The extras included were well thought out including 2 drip tips, a 510 adapter, grub screws, o-rings, screw tool, extra squonk bottle, and a multi tip charging cable.


Now onto the included Radar Bottom Feeding RDA. As I said, never had really good luck with RDA’s. They always seemed to lack flavor compared to my SC’s and/or were hot and spitty, so I had a fire extinguisher handy, JUST in case. The Radar was well matched to the GBox and had nice airflow slots.


Air flow is easily adjustable from wide open (my preferred setting) to completely closed by rotating the inner cup and the outer sleeve.


For all of my testing I used some simple kanthal, 5 wrap alien claptons with a 3mm I.D.


With the huge build deck, and large wire holes (no shared leads) loading the coils couldn’t be easier.


Tried multiple coil heights and the best flavor (as expected) came from aligning the airflow directly in front of the coils, and having the air flow entering at about even with the coil, and/or somewhat below. You can raise the coils, but no higher than the top of the coil mounts.


With the large deck, wicking couldn’t be easier with plenty of room. Because the top of the squonk pin is elevated some of the juice remains in the deck and doesn’t drain completely out.


Fluff, stuff, and start squonking.


Loaded and ready to squonk.


Testing – Flavor/Usage/Performance:
Coming from a non-squonker, and non-RDA’r, this setup was SHOCKINGLY good. How good was it ?? It was SO good, that I actually had to try three different types of juice, JUST to make sure. Creamy, fruity, and pie flavors were ALL off the charts good. Wasn’t expecting it to deliver the taste that it did. The squonking was simple, flavwless, and without issue. I purposely tried to OVER squonk a few times, and nope, no leaking. I’m sure it could be possible to over do it, but you would really have to work at it. With the lower lip on the RDA, and the deep deck, it’s very forgiving to say the least. With all of the available modes on the GBox there’s something there for everyone. I did all testing in simple power/wattage mode and it was flawless. The controls are easy to use, speedy adjustments, which can be locked, switching modes, adjusting brightness easy as well. One seemingly unimportant detail is how FAST the unit turns on. 5 clicks, quick splash screen, right to the vaping.




One interesting thing (I did not receive this or test) that is an option is GeekVapes Flask refilling system.
A larger bottle in a sleeve that you can quickly re-fill the bottle without removing. Very neat idea.



Needless to say I was very impressed by this kit. Had no issues during the testing, and the flavor was actually ON PAR with my beloved SC setups. Mod was well constructed, easy to use, clear display (albeit dim in outdoor/sunny conditions), easy to adjust. The RDA had great flavor, was easy to build on and wick, and didn’t leak. If you’re new to squonking, or even a regular squonker, the GeekVape GBox won’t dissapoint. This places the GBox squarely in at a 9.5/10.



GeekVape GBox Squonk Kit


Build Quality











  • Outstanding Flavor
  • Easy to build/wick on
  • Big Display
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Numerous Operating Modes
  • Deep build deck with elev. squonk pin
  • Great Airflow


  • Default Brightness dim, hard to see in direct sunlight
  • Bigger than an EGO

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