Test Subjects Required For New Friendly Laid Back Vape Forum

Hey all!…..so….we did a ‘thing’ …..

If you look on the top tab up there ^ you might notice a new feature….yes that’s right, in our ultimate stupidity we’ve gone and opened our own Vape Forum….a little tiny corner of Vapingdom created by vapers…for vapers.

Now….it’s all kindsa brand new, so we need a little help from you bunch of misty reprobates to come and have a look around and offer your assistance in ironing out any kinks you might find, and also to help fill it with anything utterly vapey to give newcomers some interesting content to look at as well as some captivating and friendly vape related discussion 

So jump in and help create the kind of vape community you would want to be a part of by clicking the link below.

Vaping Community Forum

Ta Muchly 




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