Pugsley’s accumulation of an amalgamation of vape station….stuffs…..(PRICE CODE EDIT!)

Chances are…..if you’re a vaper who is reading this review….you are already lost….and when I say lost, I don’t mean done for….I mean that you are so far down the rabbit hole of this foggy hobby of ours that even if you wanted to….you could probably never find your way out again.

You see….there are certain levels to being a vaper that myself….and you probably…have tumbled past without even noticing where one level ends..and another begins…until eventually you find yourself stumbling blindly through the thick custard rich smog utterly bewildered with only one burning question ever present in your mind….

Level 1 – The Reluctant Smoker – You smoke (urgh) ….but you don’t really want to, you know it’s killing you and you know that you are paying heavily with your hard earned cash for that privilege….you’ve tried an ‘electronic cigarette’ but it made you cough so it never really stuck…..although….it did taste nice…..

Level 2 – The Awkward Inbetweener – You have an ‘electronic cigarette’ that you use in the day but….when you are at home or out having a drink you might have the ‘occasional’ cancer stick because although you do enjoy this part time vape ‘fad’….it’s just not quite enough to keep you satisfied.

Level 3 – The Quitter – Congratulations, you have made the switch from coffin nails to a safer electronic alternative, you have found a liquid that you dig and you have powered through those awkward coughing weeks by battling those cravings as and when they arise simply by whipping out your ‘vape pen’ and having a little tootle puff on your 18mg peppermint liquid that only cost you a mere couple of pounds from your local newsagents.

Level 4 – The Shepherd encounter – You meet someone else that vapes, only they have a bigger pen than you, some may even have a box, and on this box there appears to be bigger tank….and out of this tank comes a cloud of the sweetest smelling Cumulonimbus that wisps past your nostrils peaking your intrigue and leaving your now chemical tasting peppermint liquid cowering in the corner smelling of nothing but cheap inadequacy.

Level 5 – The Upgrade – Your intrigue gets the better of you and you treat yourself to a new ‘toy’ …nothing too much, say a 50w variable wattage box mod and something called a ‘sub ohm’ tank…..and while you’re at it…..you might as well spend the extra ten pounds on a 30ml of that liquid that is named in such a way it could have literally come from your mother’s fun bag…what’s the sense in half assing it eh…..I mean….what’s the worst that could happen…..you go home, you follow the instructions in setting this thing up…and when you’re ready…. you take your first hit….and suddenly as the flavour of that sweet nectar hits your mistreated and tortured taste buds a vision of that Shepherd you met last week…suddenly appears before you….

And in an instant…you fully understand why that person with their little box of electronic wizardry…looked sooo fucking smug.

Level 6 – The Awakening – A tricky level this….I’d go as far as to say that the vast majority of vapers don’t make it past this point, what they have is ample, overkill probably….they have discovered what they think is the top tier in electronic smoking cessation…and as long as they have this…..why would they need anything else??…Pretty soon the residual cravings left over from smoking will be gone and so will this …..’Vaping’….thing…..however….a select few….are never happy, they know there must be more…….. these vapers have stumbled across the rabbit hole….and are peering into it….fearful….yet….utterly intrigued

They didn’t realise just how big this thing was…..after all……this was just to give up smoking…..wasn’t it?…..but….what if?

Ahh…the eternal question….”What if”…..just the slightest whisper of that literal dark magic has sparked the birth of a thousand catastrophic fuck up’s….’What if I just pressed that button that says don’t press?’ ……’What if I just hit him with this metal pipe a little bit?’ …….’What if I just smoked that little rock just this one time?’……..’What if I wore wore red trousers with a pink jumper?’ (okay you’ve gone too far now you need a fucking word with someone) …

“What if this little mod…wasn’t all there was?…. What if I just bought something a little more powerful?….What if I learnt to make my own coils so I didn’t have to spend money on pre-made’s?….What if I learnt to make my own e-liquid?? I could save a fortune!…..What if I bought a dripper and tried that instead?….What if……..what if…………….what if……..?

Level 7……YOU….probably…… you’re invested……you’re in so deep that this whole vape culture has become sooo much more than just a way of giving up smoking, this is a way of life, chances are you already have an arsenal of vaping equipment that could stock a small shop, and you wile away your hours making intricate coils that could pass off as jewellery and even your spare time is taken up concocting e-liquid recipes that could well be served as deserts in a michelin star restaurant……you watch videos….you read reviews (obviously) ….you go to vape expo’s…..and you might even have a part of your house dedicated to everything vape….your beloved ‘vape station’ – and whether you already have a vape station, or have just maybe started eyeing up that spare room, which currently houses a dusty exercise bike along with various other 90’s artifacts that were just ‘too good to throw away’ and because one day you ‘just might need them’ ……this review …..is entirely….for you….and do you know why?….

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Mjag’s review of the Nudge 24mm RDA by Wotofo and Suck my Mod

Youtube reviewers are on a tear designing vape gear, some are admittedly great and some so so. Matt from Suck My Mod has been one of the most active, his latest in collaboration with Wotofo is the Nudge 24mm RDA. I have been using and building on the Nudge RDA for more than a month now courtesy of fine people at Heavengifts.

What’s included


  • Spare screws & o-rings
  • 3 Fused Clapton Comp coils
  • Screwdriver
  • Squonk Pin
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Cotton bag
  • User Manual
  • Wotofo T-Shirt giveaway card


  • 24 x 30.5mm tall including drip tip, not including 510
  • Gold-plated 510 thread/ BF Pin
  • Aluminum top cap
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Gunmetal, Red, Silver

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Freemax Fireluke Mesh review by Mjag. Will it finally be what gets mesh popular?


Mesh saw a resurgence last year with some RDA’s and a RTA, I personally only reviewed one, the Cthulhu Azeroth RDA. With some trial and error mesh can be good but my experience didn’t have me wanting to buy any mesh tanks I could get my hands on.

Freemax has entered the mesh fray with the Fireluke Mesh sub ohm tank, first mesh sub ohm tank that I am aware of. Will this be what finally makes mesh popular to the masses? let’s take a look.

What’s included

  • Fireluke mesh tank with 0.15 ohm mesh coil pre-installed
  • 1 extra 0.15 ohm Kanthal Mesh coil rated from 40 to 90 watts
  • Spare glass
  • Spare o’rings


  • 24mm x 41.5mm with drip tip not including 510
  • 3ml capacity (verified with syringe)
  • 810 drip tip compatible with internal o’ring for friction fit goon style drip tips
  • Adjustable airflow

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VapeyMama’s Princess and the Frog, A Review of the Vaptio N1 Pro 240W Kit



Once upon a time there was a princess. She was quite large..but definitely the sexy kind of large.  Curves for fucking days, and a big ol’ back side that fills up the palm of your hand juuust right. Her prince on the other hand, was just a little guy. In fact, he was a frog. They were an odd pair to say the least.  The princess wasn’t happy though. She had so much to offer, and the little frog just couldn’t handle it all. You see, the princess liked big, hot, thick loads, and the poor little frog could only give her a pitiful 2ml before burning out.. She gave him a kiss, hoping that he’d magically turn into something bigger and better, but no such luck.  So she decided to unscrew his ass and go find love elsewhere. She discovered that she quite enjoyed her new suitors who could deliver everything her heart desired all night long, but decided that she didn’t want to settle down with just one (yeah, kinda slutty..), so now she lets all the big boys take their turns on top of her and she couldn’t be happier! That bitch is a playa.


And now.. after that weird-ass fairytale, I’d like you to meet the N1 Pro 240W by Vaptio, or as I lovingly refer to her as, The Princess.


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Pugsley’s positively predatory review of the Wismec Sinuous Ravage 230 Kit

Regurgitation is ever present in this biz we call vape….biz..?…. we see it constantly especially with the Shenzhen big hitters such as Smok, IJoy etc……a new toy will be released…what feels like…. every few seconds… leaving vapers worldwide bewildered with the overwhelming choice being ‘spewed’ out to our ever eager grabby little hands…

However ….I think people tend to forget that these vast swathes of vape manufacturers are in fact ‘businesses’ and not services that we are entitled to…..it’s aaaaall about the dollar baby, and no amount of raised eyebrows and screams of “WHY DID YOU MAKE ME BUY THIS?!!” will slow this eastern torrent of electronica…..and why?…..Because we….the vaping public….have given them the perception that all vapers….have deep pockets…. and an almost feverish ‘Shinyitus’ that just simply… can never be satiated…..and there is probably more than an element of truth in that…

You wannit…..they’ll sell it to ya….simple as that, and we will buy anything that is marketed well enough…..however…there are two sides to this, on one side we have companies that clearly do regurgitate the same formula over and over again, putting the same chip, same internals, same format…in a slightly different body….and passing it off as ‘new’….because they know full well that those kind of vapers that need the newest fashionable ‘thang’…will buy it ….and then there’s the other kind of company, the companies that have frankly laughable quality control and bring out a device that is so flawed it’s almost as if they never actually tried it for themselves prior to release…or did…knew full well it was shit…and simply marketed the fuck out of it knowing full well that again….once vapers eyes are drawn into this new ‘shiny’ precious…they will simply be powerless to resist…

Safe in the knowledge that once they have sold millions of the shit boxes they can always wait a bit….make an updated model with all issues fixed….and then you’ll buy that one too….double bubble bonus…

Which leads me to what I am reviewing today….kind of….in the usual roundabout kind of vagueish manner that you have all undoubtedly become accustomed to …..

Let’s crack on….

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Joyetech Espion mod with ProCore X tank review by Mjag. Good or blah?

Sometimes you get a surprise delivery, it can be good or bad. I did not know Joyetech had sent me the Espion mod with ProCore X kit until it showed up….let’s find out if this is one of those good or bad surprises.

What you get

  • Espion mod
  • ProCore X tank
  • ProC1 (0.4ohm) head preinstalled
  • ProC1-S (0.25ohm) head
  • Spare glass for 4.5ml
  • Extended vent pipe for 4.5ml
  • USB cable
  • Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Warning card
  • Spare o’rings

Available in 3 colors


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NCR RDA – The exception to the rule? – Review by Woftam

Well I guess we can safely say RDA’s generally have a bit more flavour than a tank (there are of course exceptions to the rule).

The hardest thing for someone to get right on an RDA is wicking, the next hardest thing is getting coil building right – lets take a look at an RDA that puts both of those things in the easy column, but at a cost.

Meet the NCR otherwise known as New Concept RDA also known as Nicotine Reinforcer – it appears to have undergone the name change on some sites but not others.

I bought this RDA and that fact will have everything to do with how pissy I am about it.


Meet The NCR

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Coilart Dpro 133 Premium kit review by Mjag

Sometimes you get products that you don’t dig right of the bat. This is why I tend to take my time to do reviews, this one is a month on the nose. So did the CoilArt DPRO 133 Premium kit change my mind in that time?……let’s take a look.

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Pugsley’s multi coloured pot bellied Unicorn review of the Blitz Intrepid RTA

Let’s be honest…..some people could do with a bit of colour in their lives, a splash of pizazz, a sprinkling of ‘whoop’ and maybe even in more severe circumstances…..a massive injection of jazzy happy sauce…..

hmm…you’re quite right……probably should have worded that differently…but you get my drift….and today I will be looking at a prime example of how a little bit of colour can instill a smidgen of smiley onto any vaper who spends their days moping around with a face like a slapped arse whilst tootle puffing on their matt black misery rig complete with matching drip tip leaving in their wake nothing but sad clouds and the distinct aroma of sorrow and regret…..

SO!……Plenty to review over the coming weeks…. let’s not waste anymore time waffling on like an over giddy….happy….thing…? and see wtf this apparent joy giver is all about….

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Artery PAL AIO kit review by Mjag

Received the Artery PAL kit from the fine folks at Artery directly for an honest opinion. While MTL devices are generally not my thing it intrigued me as it looks like a Billet Box which goes for over $250 and awhile back was all the rage, even the clones were expensive.
While already available at a few online retailers they best price I could find was $33.35 on pre-order at fasttech: https://www.fasttech.com/search?Artery PAL AIO and here is a tip for faster shipping to US address via fasttech, choose the USPS First-Class via Hong Kong Post (you have to click: “+ show more options” button to find the Hong Kong Post option)

Available in Grey, Red and Black. 

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