3cvape and squirmingcoils Conspiracy RDA review by Mjag

Thanks for taking the time to view another one of my reviews, this one is focused on the Conspiracy RDA Designed by www.squirmingcoils.net in collaboration with 3cvape.

This is interesting
Right off the bat the RDA comes to you fully disassembled, sort of like the Lego of RDA’s. Never seen that before but it sure does facilitate cleaning and they provide a sheet that shows how it goes together.
It is really pretty straight forward and everything went together rather easily. I am sure some people will be annoyed, a friend of mine never cleans his new atty’s, dirty bastard, for him he would complain but there will always be people who complain about anything…….internet right?
Really nothing to complain about in design, they really did there homework. You have a raised postless deck….or wait a minute, if there raised then doesn’t that make them posts? Just looked it up, they don’t call it a postless deck https://www.squirmingcoils.net/product-page/conspiracy-rda I am just being dumb at this point.
The silver plated deck is sweeeeeet, I just like staring into it’s silvery goodness. Large post holes to facilitate big builds, what else would you expect from a custom coil builders design?
Domed top cap for us flavor chasers…..Mmmmmm, thank you very much
The included drip tip is a standard 810 but the inner hole is only 8mm, my collection of friction fit 810 drip tips vary from 10 to 10.5mm on the inner hole.
You get more airflow with a standard 810 but in use I actually enjoy the included 810 and at least it gives me something I didn’t already have.
You do have the option for both air holes or a single air hole open for single coil builds. The single air hole will come into play if your trying to get a pin hole from both dual air holes but really…..who is going to do that with this RDA?
Squonk….yes please. Does come with a both a standard and a squonk pin, both of which I used and both performed flawlessly.
Includes extra grubs screws including slotted if that’s your jam, it is not mine usually and the hex grub screws have held up nicely for me. The slots on the slotted grub screws they include don’t look too deep either so I passed on using those.
Overall the quality of this RDA is impressive right down to the grub screws which have been excellent after 6 to 8 builds.
I tried a bunch of builds in the month or so I have had the Conspiracy RDA, here are just a few.
SS316L Aliens from B_D_Builders
Ughhh, forgive the pic, I thought it came out better
Just look at it, a huge build and there is still space, those are 3.5mm ID coils, I think i’m in love.
I am very familiar with these coils, use them on my Modfather and Aromamizer Plus so if the Conspiracy RDA was lacking I would find out real quick. No lacking here, just clouds and flavor and really easy to build on, might have to retire my Goon already.
Tried a few more builds here and there, smaller coils, more TC builds, triceratops coils….you name it. Then I remember I have a 4mm post, time to try some big boys with quad parallel claptons.
Dammit I need a macro lens, I crapped the bed taking these shots
This ones a little better
This is probably a little much for me, red hot magma vape as I was punishing myself for such crap pics…..clouds doe bro.
Decided to take it easy on myself so tried a single coil tootle puffer build…
Mmmmm, more like it and I am not a single coils guy but this was a flavorful vape at only 45 to 55 watts and my lungs thank me after that monster build.
Every build I tried was not only good but easy as pie as well, this is a builders RDA and good looking to boot.
Is this the perfect RDA?
There is no perfect vape device, some come really close and the Conspiracy RDA is one of them but I found a few quibbles here and there.
At first to adjust the airflow is a PITA, I found it easier just to remove it then set it down where I wanted my airflow at. After a months use it has gotten easier, I can now adjust the AF as long as my hands are dry but since the top is smooth it is still not the easiest. It would definitely help if the top cap wasn’t smooth but then again it looks sexier that way, sometimes it is better to look good then work good, that is the case here.
In my overzealous attempt to squonk the hell out of it I was able to get juice to seep past the o’rings and onto the top of my mod. I was seriously trying to see what would happen and was surprised the juice made it past the o’rings but in normal use this wasn’t a problem.
At $59.99 I have contemplated if I would pay that to replace it if I lost it or if some asshole stole my bookbag….oh wait, that’s someone else. I really do like it, even more than my Goon which is about the same price. I am a cheap bastard though, $40 would be a no brainer but at $60 it makes me ponder my cheap existence.  Now if it had a squonk option that paints the coils like the Fitcloud Condor RDA I recently reviewed here then take my $60. I prefer dripping on the Conspiracy RDA as I like to paint my coils but prefer squonking on the Condor RDA as it squonks from the top to paint your coils. I am just an impatient person though who chain vapes, getting the juice directly on the coils does it for me instead of waiting for it to make it’s way up the wick to my coils.
Quick specs:
  • 24mm diameter
  • 22.5mm tall (not including 510 or drip tip)
  • 3 x 1.5mm post holes
  • Dual or single air flow options
  • 810 drip tip compatible
  • Domed inner top cap
If $60 is not a lot for you then you won’t be disappointed with the Conspiracy RDA, the build quality and performance is worth the price. If $60 is your make or break point then I feel you won’t be disappointed but then there are other RDA’s which come close.
This is a tough one for me, I don’t mind spending money, just bought a Lost Vape Drone for $150 and am deliriously happy with my decision. If I lost both my Goon and Conspiracy RDA and to replace was the same price I would choose the Conspiracy each and every time. That said I would wait for a sale, $60 is where I go hmmmm.
I can only give you my experience though and this was an experience based on more than a month’s use. Value is in the eye of the beholder and for me the Conspiracy RDA is a hmmmmmm $50 RDA shipped but then again I think the same thing about a lot of other RDA’s, I only paid $40 for my original Goon but the Conspiracy is better.
I want to thank 3cvape and squirmingcoils for sending my the Conspiracy RDA to review, I have really enjoyed my time with it and will continue to use it to compare to other RDA’s in the future. You can purchase it at: https://www.squirmingcoils.net/product-page/conspiracy-rda for the Silver shown here and they have a new black version: https://www.squirmingcoils.net/product-page/conspiracy-rda-black
Here are some pics on other mods I used during my evaluation
Dominus Mech
Dovpo Trigger
Ehpro Fusion 200
iJoy Zenith
Dotmod Dotbox

Conspiracy RDA


Build Quality











  • Excellent grub screws
  • Overall build quality is outstanding
  • Includes both standard and squonk pins
  • Excellent flavor
  • Build room galore
  • Excellent in single coil mode
  • Both hex and slotted grub screws included


  • O'ring on top cap takes some time to break in, tough at first to adjust air flow
  • Can seep between base o'rings if your a squonking animal
  • Price will be a con to some, look for some sales

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