Pugsley’s ‘Yo Mods so fat’ review of the Vaptio N1 Pro 240w Mod

“There’s a delivery man outside that seems to be struggling dear”……..

You know it’s a good day when your vape mail can’t be handled by just one man, ‘That’s weird’ …I thought….’I’m only expecting one mod today’

“YOU OK MAN?” …I shouted confusingly out of the front door…

“grumble fucking stupid grumble too old for this fucking grumble heavy shit grumble I need a different fucking job grumble grumble”

I rushed out to save the poor man from his imminent hernia….not really…I was just too excited to see what the fuck was causing the poor bastard so much grief…..’Vaptio’ ….. “Vaptio??…..OMG how many did they send me???”

“Can you maybe stop reading the fucking label and help me with this fucking ridiculously massive and dare I say…impossibly heavy parcel….you (insert vaginal expletive here)”

Bit rude…..but help I did….

Before he left I did of course give the poor fellow a tip for his troubles..

“Never use more than 2% sweetener in any of your mixes…you’ll mute the flavour”

I think he was grateful…was hard to tell what with all the sweat….I slowly closed the door anyway….

And besides I didn’t really have time to stand and engage in friendly chatter.. as I had a box in the living room that was slowly sinking through the floor…..

‘Wtf is this thing..??’

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