Steampugs Open All Hours ‘Top Picks’ shop tab now live

G-G-G-G-Granville feh-feh-feh fetch me wallet they’ve only gone and opened a lin-lin-lin-link shop on that bloody vaping review website ste-ste-ste-steampunk….pugs…..pugpunk….steamypoos…..pinkpigs…..ooh…I dunno….stupid bl-bl-bl-bloody name anyway….



OK I’m probably showing my age there with that reference and most of you in the States will have absolutely no idea wtf I’m on about but…regardless….I loved that show, it reminds me of an innocent time in my life, many many moons ago when life was easy and the ‘corner shop’ could be found on many a back street and was always ran by an elderly shop keeper in a long brown overcoat, always whistling, always jolly and always with a tale to tell…

Bit rude……..

Anyway…..not a review on this occasion but an announcement of sorts, we have decided to add another level to the Steampugs website, something that we will add to as we go and hopefully will be of some use to some of you…and we’d like to tell you about it.

You see the way this works is this, I love doing the reviews for all your oddly entertained needs as much as you all seem to enjoy reading them, but sooner or later the companies who provide the gear for review will want to see something in return…otherwise…they are just giving it away for no reason, these companies are in the business of selling above all else….and as one company recently found out…I absolutely refuse to be a salesman, I will not lie just to sell something, end of story, and that my lovely flavoured steam addicts, is the demise of many a reviewer. Now I know my reviews are a bit ‘daft’…..a little ‘wayward’ at times…but they will always be honest if nothing else….which is fantastic if you only EVER get top notch awesome ‘loved by everyone’ vape gear….and so far….I’ve almost always been lucky in that respect..(remember the Apepal….*shudders*)….plus at the moment I still get to pretty much choose what I review….but this run isn’t going to last forever, sooner or later someone will give me something that’s a POS that they need to sell and they would obviously prefer me to give it a good write up….can’t do it…no point, I may as well just hang up my reviewing gloves now before someone buys an item that I said was awesome but clearly belongs in the bin….SO…..we came up with a solution….probably not a new idea…but one that should keep the ‘powers that be’ happy, and keep things moving along as they have been….we’ve opened a kind of ‘shop’.

No….no I didn’t…not really….I didn’t buy a load of gear with the intention of selling it for a profit and I don’t own a ‘shop’……that wouldn’t benefit anyone except me….(totally should of done that)….but what we did do is add a link shop to Steampugs, you’ll find it via the ‘shop’ tab on the home page ….and we’ve trawled through our suppliers websites to find you what we think are very good deals, if you see something that takes your fancy, Just click it….

And it’ll take you straight to it.

Now…things you should know…yes these are suppliers from China (apart from Amazon), and most of us have shopped from China suppliers before so we know the drill, but for those that haven’t, basically you pay less….much less in some cases, but you will wait for it, not ‘Fasttech’ wait for it…I don’t and wouldn’t work with them, but in most cases you’re talking a couple of weeks or there abouts.
There’s 3 main suppliers in our shop, for the moment anyway, we might add to that as it goes on but for now we have Gearbest, Heavengifts and Amazon UK, here’s a brief rundown of what to expect.

Gearbest:-  tend to be the cheapest but with the slowest shipping out of the three, shipping is free with their basic method but can be sped up at a small cost, this is weight dependant though, see below for an example..I recommend the ‘Priority Line’ shipping.

All the Gearbest items are affiliate links and the prices can fluctuate wildly with all the flash sales they have so if the price is completely out on my site just let me know and I will adjust as needed, there’s an added bonus for me with this method, If you click the link on my site for something you like and buy it then obviously that will show on my account, however….if you click the link on my site then decide you don’t want to buy it but go for a mooch about on their site and buy a load of stuff that isn’t on my site…well…that’ll be on my account too, basically as long as you get there through one of my links it doesn’t matter what you buy once you’re there, and there are plenty of bargains to be had believe me….just don’t blame me if your mouse seems to mysteriously add a huge list of items to your basket…

And as an added incentive, any items that you see that are not discounted or in a flash sale can be bought with 15% off using code ‘ecig15off’……money in the bank..


Heavengifts:- They can be slightly more expensive in some cases but also a few days quicker on the shipping, they are not affiliate links, just links to some items that we think are well worth a look, basically anything you see that takes your fancy on Heavengifts will show on my account if you use code APUGS15 and if you use the code you will get a 15% discount for your trouble……on anything….simples, However their shipping info is EXTENSIVE so anything you need to know you can find here Heavengifts shipping info.

Amazon UK I haven’t really delved into too much as it will really only be for UK shoppers but with the added benefit of ‘Prime’ shipping (next day in some cases)….but will obviously be more expensive, this is something I will add more to in the future.

So there you have it, that’s pretty much the top and bottom of it, not a money making exercise although what little we do make off it will at least make the site self sufficient,  but if it keeps the Vendors happy then Steampugs can keep churning out the kind of nonsense we have been…..At the time of writing this there’s a few things in there worthy of your attention but as time goes by more deals will be added (and removed) it’s a long drawn out process to add them to the site so bare with and come

I shall be sat behind the counter ready to serve and always with a tale to tell….or…maybe…with just a tale…

And please don’t forget, the link for Phillip Turton is also on the home page for all your coil needs, believe me you’ll be glad you did….AMAZING quality coils.

Thank you for your continued and always unexpected support thus far.

We wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for you bunch of lovely reprobates.

Love you all in a very weird and slightly inappropriate way.

Thanks for reading.

Pugs & Co



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