VapeyMama’s Cussing Sailor Approved Review of the Blitz Warcraft RTA


“Son of a bitch!”
“This damn thing is leaking again!”
“I swear to god I’m gonna throw this piece of shit away!”

These kinds of exclamations were becoming a regular thing in the Vapey household. My dear sweet husband (who is a master of colorful sailor language…obviously) reeeally doesn’t like a leaky tank. And to be fair, who does? So I set off on a quest for a leak proof tank.

I introduce to you the solution: The Warcraft RTA by Blitz Enterprises.


Slick packaging, includes an info booklet, a bag of goodies, and replacement frosted glass.


The build deck isn’t tiny, but it is a bit on the tight side if you’re trying to throw big, complex coils into it. The airflow isn’t super wide open and airy, which ends up leading to a pretty hot tank if you do use those big coils. I’ve found that I get a much better experience when I use coils with an ID of around 2mm and a resistance of .25 ohms or higher.


The grub screws aren’t the best quality, so I’ve had to be extra gentle when swapping out the coils in order to prevent stripping. Stripping belongs in the club, not your tank. :wink: Using a good quality hex key (not the cheap flimsy one that comes with it) helps to keep them from getting stripped. It does come with spares though, so that’s a plus.

Now onto the wicking. Holy shit guys, the wicking on this thing is easier than a drunk prom date! Just slide the cotton through the coil and stuff it down. Sliiiide and stuff. Oooh yeah. No weird angled cuts needed, no flooding, no dry hits. I’m always a bit nervous about wicking new tanks properly but I’ve had absolutely zero problems with this from the get go.


I really can’t say enough good things about this tank. Its not too tall so with the short chimney the coils are close enough to the top that the vapor is warm and dense when it hits your mouth and the flavor is awesome. The threading is super smooth. The knurling on the top underneath the cap makes it a breaze to break down and put back together nice and tight. The airflow and juice flow controls have enough resistance to them that they don’t just spin on their own, but they’re not so tight that they’re difficult to adjust. The delrin drip tip isn’t interchangeable, but it’s nice and wide (I personally enjoy a bit of girth between my lips) and stays cool. It screws into the top cap so you can remove it for thorough cleaning, but with no worries about it popping off if you bump it.
The build deck is accessible even with a full tank. Just turn it upside down and unscrew the base. Easy! And filling the tank is a cinch, just unscrew the top and fill through one of the two huge holes.


Overall I think this tank is great for anyone, but it’s especially nice for beginner or intermediate vapers who want to get into building without having to worry too much about fiddling around with tricky wicking techniques or big fancy coils. And obviously a fantastic choice for those of you who like to keep their juice where it belongs… In your tank!


Delrin and stainless steel drip tip
Spare glass
4ml juice capacity
Top fill design
Two-post dual coil design with center airflow post
510 threading connection
24mm diameter
57mm hight with tip
Spare o-rings, grub screws, and allen key


Now go and check out the rest of the Steampugs site and see how the Warcraft stacks up next to other sweet pieces of vapology!!

Until next time all you cussing cloud chuckers,


Blitz Enterprises Warcraft RTA


Build Quality











  • No leaking
  • Fool proof wicking
  • Deck is removable without emptying the tank
  • Adjustable juice and air flow
  • Easy assembly/disassembly
  • Great flavor


  • Grub screws are delicate
  • Somewhat restricted airflow
  • Not great with big, hot coils
  • Not compatible with other drip tips

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