Vaptio C-II Starter Kit review by Mjag…flavorlicious!

Hello once again you Steamy degenerates….haha and thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Vaptio C-II Starter Kit sent directly from for the purpose of this review. Vaptio has been generous enough to include a $15 off coupon for the C-II which expires 10-05-2017, use code YOUSAVE15
If you want to find out really quick my overall conclusion you can scroll down to the Pros and Cons section and Conclusion to save you some time.
Vaptio C-II Starter Kit Includes


  • 1 C-II Tank
  • 1 C-II Mod
  • 1 129A Kanthal threaded coil 0.25 ohm 20 to 50 watts
  • 1 180A Kanthal threadless coil 0.25 ohm 30 to 60 watts
  • 2 Users Manual for both the tank and the mod
  • 1 USB Cable


C-II tank


  • 25mm wide x 54mm high
  • 4ml capacity with rubber stopper installed, almost 5ml when removed


C-II Mod


  • 25mm wide x 88mm high
  • 3000mah battery capacity
  • 30 to 100W
  • 30A Max
  • Voltage range 2.8 to 4.2V
  • 5V/1A charge rate
  • Over charging protection
  • Low Voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Max 10 second vape protection
  • Passthrough charging (you can vape while charging)

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Woftam’s review of the HellVape Dead Rabbit – Tell Me About the Rabbits George

 This Is What I Think

They’re dead Lenny now STFU.


Well the Dead Rabbit box in an interesting colour choice a drab green but do we care about it nope – I personally couldn’t care if it came wrapped in in an old sock as long as it protects the contents during shipping which this one did.

What’s in the box:
Well the rda of course, a goodie bag with some spare o rings a couple of hex keys, spare grub screws, a bf pin, a 510 adaptor, a 810 drip tip – pretty much you standard set of bits.


First Impressions:

Dead Rabbit – interesting name but hey we all see some crazy names for vape gear but this one is truly original like the deck. I have to say the innovation in decks is evolving quickly as of late and the Dead Rabbit has a unique deck. I’m not even sure what you would call it, it is a postless deck but raised so I am gunna just call it a pedestal postless deck (totally awesome name if you ask me).

The unit is really well machined, nice tight O rings, super clean on arrival, the engraving is nice and crisp and clean. It also comes with some good bits and pieces including a resin drip tip. The air holes are high on the sides which they need to be due to the pedestal postless deck (patent pending) they are fairly big and slant down to hit directly on the coil/coils (there are 3 in the cap for single or dual coil set ups). I wouldn’t describe it as an airy rda it flows a little less wide open than an original goon does (if that helps you at all).

I love a postless deck I just find them a breeze to build on the only draw back is cutting the coil legs to the right length but because this deck is on a pedestal and the coils holes go all the way through it is super easy to put the coils in with slightly longer legs and just trim the excess off – a really nice touch (it is the little things that make toppers stand out from the crowd).

Please excuse my pic I cant find my macro lens so I just had to make do (TBH I don’t ever lose things my wife just puts them away in a random spot that makes no sense at all so I will probably find it in the freezer or something).

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VapeyMama’s Cussing Sailor Approved Review of the Blitz Warcraft RTA


“Son of a bitch!”
“This damn thing is leaking again!”
“I swear to god I’m gonna throw this piece of shit away!”

These kinds of exclamations were becoming a regular thing in the Vapey household. My dear sweet husband (who is a master of colorful sailor language…obviously) reeeally doesn’t like a leaky tank. And to be fair, who does? So I set off on a quest for a leak proof tank.

I introduce to you the solution: The Warcraft RTA by Blitz Enterprises.


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