Woftam Joins The Steam Team

 This Is What I Think

Hey all thought I would give you a bit of explanation and introduction prior to posting any reviews.

First of all WTF does woftam mean –  it is an acronym that has been around for quite some time which stands for:  Waste Of Fucking Time And Money.

Lets face it we have all been there shelled out our hard earned for a chance to use the latest and greatest mod/tank or dripper only to find it is a waste of fucking time and money. My goal (and the goal of all of us here) is to give you a little more information prior to purchase of an item and hopefully stop you having that WTF moment when you get you new bit of kit only to find out it is a POS.

I have been vaping for a little over 4 1/2 years and been completely smoke free now for just over 2 (slow learner here lol) the key for me was equipment once I got some gear that was good enough I dropped the sticks o’ death like a hot rock. If you are already smoke free good luck to you and well done if you are still on the path hopefully you stumble across this site and have a read and can make some informed decisions and get some laughs at the same time.

Speaking for all of us – we all try to get it right and give honest appraisals of the gear, hopefully we can guide you away from the not so good and lead you to the stellar.






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