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Hello SteamPuggers! I’m the SignMan! I wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little about me (thanks for the idea Norseman). So whats with the name? I am a real life sign maker in the U.S and when customers see me out and about most will usually say “Hey, there’s the sign man!” or “How’s it going sign man!” and it really grew on me. No I’m not a college educated graphic designer. I don’t design logos for multi-million dollar companies, wrap NASCAR’s or have some huge online decal shop… yet! I’ve been in this line of work for 6 years now and learn something new everyday… which is how I like to try and live my life. If I’m not learning I’m dying!

Hybrid Alien – Digiflavor Pilgrim GTA

I live in a small town… in the South… not too far from one of the largest tobacco manufacturers in the world… R.J. Reynolds. Vapers are the minority. Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are king. Seeing so many relatives and friends die from cancer really started to hit home for me…but I just couldn’t quit smoking. Nicotine gum and patches were a joke. Half of my problem was I thoroughly enjoyed the act of smoking. I loved taking a drag and feeling that harsh, dirty smoke enter my lungs while the nicotine absorbed into my bloodstream. What finally worked was trying a juice that tasted good out of a device that did it’s job.

8 ply Staple Coil – Augvape Druga

My first real setup didn’t do the job. The HorizonTech Artic Turbo was an awful tank in my opinion and as soon as I got it I was online looking for a replacement. After looking around and reading multiple reviews I picked up a Kanger Subtank and used it with the Sigelei 75w. People can bash Kanger all they want but the damn thing worked great for me…but still I wasn’t completely satisfied. The price for replacement coils killed my spirits.

Alien – TM 24 Clone

I’m a cheap ass and not even gonna deny it! I was slowly working my way into the world of rebuildable atomizers. Using the RBA base that came with the Subtank, I installed and wicked my first coil. Immediately I noticed that the flavor was much better and the overall taste was more defined. Not only was the vape better, the price for wire and cotton was pennies compared to the factory made coil head price. Today, coil heads are still rather expensive, but you can get pretty darn good flavor off of them. Whichever you do… make your own or buy pre-made…at least your not smoking. I will always buy coils for my trusty Nautilus Mini… no way I’m rebuilding those little bastards. With some time and practice I finally started making coils I was proud of. More time and practice couldn’t hurt though.

40g Alien – GeekVape Peerless SE

So I’m vaping for a few months, soaking up info… Watching youtube vids, learning about batteries and ohms and amps, arguing with people why vaping is NOT a bad thing, completely dedicating my spare time to anything vape related. I then learn that an old friend from high school has a small vape shop and…a juice line? Wait a second…he’s a regular dude…not Bill Nye the Science Guy. How the hell can he have a juice line? He must hire Bill Nye to make his juice and just tell people he did everything. Yep that’s gotta be it. I had to know for sure. So I call him up. “Oh yea I make it… it’s easy.” he says. How did I miss this? I thought all my research would have uncovered this piece of information! So more research leads to juice making and the beloved E-Liquid-Recipes website. Making your own juice is one of the most interesting aspects of vaping and honestly it’s pretty fun to taste the fruit of your labor… Unless it tastes like garbage and you have to figure out which tank has the worst flavor so you can at least salvage the ingredients… yea I’m that cheap sometimes lol. I rolled my own cigarettes for a few years before I finally quit so mixing juice seemed like the right thing to do.

Stapled Alien - Tsunami 25 Pro
Stapled Alien – Tsunami 25 Pro

That’s basically my vape journey in an extremely shortened form. I can be a long winded individual… especially when writing since I can think before I speak…unlike real life where I blurt out stupidity (insert foot into mouth). I want to stuff as much info as I can into a review so that you know what to expect before you get a new product. Simple as that. Stick to the facts, add an opinion or two, and let you know of any quirks or cool features it may have from an honest and unbiased point of view. Any questions about anything vape related…Mods. Attys. Coils. Juice. Whatever. You can hopefully find it here. At Steampugs.co.uk you’re going to see multiple views, from different vapers around the globe. It’s going to be awesome….

Staggered Staple Variant – Augvape Druga

Thanks for reading! If you’re a regular here…I hope I make you proud. If you’re new…Stick around a while! Stay tuned for more at Steampugs….


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