Pugsley’s Portuguese Man O’ War review of the Digiflavor Aura RDA

In this line of work….occasionally….you do get sent something for review and on closer inspection…you sometimes can’t help but think….

I mean don’t get me wrong, They do a better job of manufacturing vape gear than I could ever do but still…occasionally…The glaringly obvious mistakes just make you think…’You’ve never vaped a day in your life have you’…

This however….Is not one of those days.

Following on with the trend of collaborations this time round Digiflavor have teamed up with that Portuguese celebrity that we all know and love….

Erm….no…..I said love….and as respected as Ronaldo is if he designed anything vape related it would probably throw a paddy every five minutes in between falling over for no apparent reason….

The celebrity I am talking about hails from the land of the ‘Tube’ and although some may not refer to these people as bonafide celebrities….. in our world….he is known and respected as one of the nicest and hardest working reviewers out there….he also knows his shit…something relatively important when designing gear for an audience as critical as the vape market….a fussy bunch…are we.

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