Pugsley’s tag team review of the Vandy Vapes Kylin RTA & Icon RDA

Pretty much sums up the general reaction from the vaping community with regards to what I was given for review last week, I was sceptical to say the least, for me…I thought I had already found my ‘best’ RTA with the Ammit dual….but this new kid in school has caused quite the stir….even has it’s very own …very active…Facebook group…dedicated just to this manufacturer….I mean that’s fame right there. However……not one to do things conventionally, I have decided…for the first time in my highly successful reviewing career ..(pffft…sure) …to do a special on the Manufacturer and review TWO of their latest offerings AT THE SAME TIME..(sarcastic gasp)…I know…fucking crazy right…but that’s just me….life on the edge….pure rock n roll.

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Pugsley’s over confident review of the Geek Vape Peerless RDA

Over confidence…..the kind that makes your skin not only crawl…but suddenly fall from your bones like a slow cooked spare rib, saying you’re the best at whatever it is you do before you even do it in my opinion is a quality only seen in the  Kanye’s of this world…..I mean there’s only one person Kanye loves am I right…

So when an RDA lands on my desk simply named …’Peerless’…..and it’s an RDA I know very little about..well…I get a similar reaction to the one I get when I hear Kanye tell us who he thinks he is…again..

You see there are an abundance of top shelf RDA’s in my collection, RDA’s that deserve to be there, RDA’s I don’t particularly want to upset….(edit:-he totally talks to them when no ones around)….then this cocky newcomer kicks the door in professing to be unmatched, unequalled, unique and unsurpassed…..and well….before I have even opened the box the first words in my mind are….”I’ll be the fucking judge of that”…..Peerless indeed….

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