Pugsley’s huge and slightly nostalgic review of the Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA

It seems like almost a lifetime ago that I won the Pharaoh RDTA in a competition on ELR…..(it was 6 months ago you drama queen)….and was given the immortal words…”Can you write a review on your prize for us”…….


I told the Mrs….’hey….they want me to right a review on that thing I won….and post it online….me…..write things….publicly’…..

You see….my Mrs is rather straight laced shall we say, and my online ‘comments’ and ‘meanderings’ on social media over the years previous had caused her and her family some………shall we also say……..’concern’ .

There really was only one way this was ever gonna go…..sideways…so it was with some trepidation that I posted the first Pharaoh review…

I blame my mother…..and possibly my therapist/Pub landlord.

And a wonderfully joyous welcome to you all my fluffy fog exhaling misty pudding people, back again with literally more of the same…..same name….same manufacturer….same endorsement…..same deck……same wrong brickwork on the box…. same same same…except for 1 letter that is…the letter D…..it’s and RTA instead of an RDTA….unless of course you called the original Pharaoh an RDA….but let’s not even open that can of worms…..courtesy of my lovely cloud babies from Cvapor…The Digiflavor & Rip Trippers Pharaoh RTA..

Oh yeah baby…that is one sexy bitch of a tank, on looks alone they absolutely nailed this one, and like my lime green mankini… it looks even better on, However… lets take a brief rewind 6 months and look at this beasts lineage, the Pharaoh RTDA was a massive hit, huugely popular due to it’s innovative deck and air flow, and the fact that you could literally put it through anything and it just sucked it up for fun, The biggest coils I have ever used have always been in the Pharaoh…it was one heavy duty motherfunster of an Egyptian goddess….however….I kinda fell out of love with it the more I used it, can’t really say why….bit of a PITA to fill maybe….having to unscrew it every time became a bind perhaps….and I kind of became irritated with the airflow….all ‘maybe’s’ and ‘Kinda’s’ ….nothing I can definitively put my finger on but regardless…it doesn’t get used much anymore…if ever, but it still holds a special almost nostalgic place in my collection.

So when I heard about the RTA version coming out, and was then asked if I would like the opportunity to review one?….well…does a fat dog fart?….hell to the yes.

The Pharaoh is a 25mm tank with a 4.6ml juice capacity, increased to about 8ml with the included expansion tube,

And with the expansion tube in place this tank is monolithic in appearance, it looks and feels like a solid, exceptionally well engineered product…..and I do mean well engineered, when you break this thing down you can really see the effort and attention to detail they put into it, all the threads…all the parts….all perfect.

Even stripped down to it’s bare naked essentials this thing looks as sexy as Cleopatra herself.

No…I know that’s not Cleopatra ….but you’re welcome.

The Pharaoh RTA also has a host of optional extra decks that you can purchase,  A Velocity style deck, a post-less deck, a single coil set up and a weird duel coil top and bottom post deck….really not sure what you call that one but it’s the only optional deck I had apart from the traditional Pharaoh deck that comes with it…..which….through no ones fault but my own…almost caused this whole review to go completely south….

Now here’s where it all went wrong for me….wicking the fucking thing, now the first time I did it, it was perfect, I made up a twisted clapton SS single coil, kinda fine, wrapped in 36,  just to make life easy, figured I couldn’t go wrong, but it wasn’t the best choice…I mean this was a Pharaoh ffs I should really be giving this thing some welly, and I remembered I had a Phillip Turton ‘Chubby’ coil sat in the Pharaoh RDTA, so I swapped em over….I must of wicked it 9 times in 3 days after that swap out and the thing just kept dumping on me, every single fucking time I re wicked it…ten minutes later my mod looked like the victim of a bukkake video….no ….I will not gif that…even I have a line.

So I checked all the videos, I even copied Rip and his ‘folding’ method (don’t do that it’s shit), I spoke to some guys on other forums to see if anyone else was having the same issues, one guy said ‘just cut them short and place them in the channels, don’t stuff it, I did that and it’s been fine ever since’…so I did….ten minutes later…..SPLOOGE!…..AAAAAAARGH!!!


It was at that point that my mate Tinman on ELR (kudos) said..’sounds like an O ring problem’….hmm…I checked them all the first time, regardless…I took the deck out, nothing, from what I could see everything was fine there was absolutely no reason for this to happen other than the fact that this tank fucking hates me….last chance!….total strip down and change every O ring…if that doesn’t fix it, it’s going in the fucking bin…end of.

So I took the tank and removed the wide vape band I had on there at the time….and there…staring me in the face…mocking me…sniggering almost….was a pinched O ring at the top of the tank, hiding under the vape band…’you dirty mother fu….’ I face palmed my face…clean off my face…..followed shortly after by pure jubilation…

A quick adjustment and life was good once again….and when I say good, I mean reeeally good,  You see the Pharaoh excels at flavour production, it is off the charts for a tank, and even with the extension tube on it’s still right up there alongside the best flavor tanks on the market today, The airflow is dealt with through the bottom and also through the top via 2 holes in the domical top chamber so you can choose which way you want this versatile beast to perform be it chucking the fluffy’s or savouring your latest ADV.

Refilling is as easy as it can be simply by unscrewing the large top hat SS drip tip and the juice flow is altered with a slight twist of the tank….there is absolutely nothing complicated about this tank at all, it’s taken everything that is proven to work over the evolution of RTA’s and expertly crafted it together in one well engineered package, yes it’s big, but it’s not the biggest out there and with the popularity of ‘large and in charge’ tanks growing the Pharaoh RTA will almost definitely take the baton from the RDTA and continue to be a front runner in today’s crowded market and if you’re like myself…. predominantly and RDA user.. you will find yourself gravitating towards this tank and using it…

And of course in true Digiflavor fashion the Pharaoh RTA comes in its own sarcophagus filled with all the usual trinkets to carry it on through  into the afterlife..

O rings for dayyyyys…..but….no….fucking…..coils….SMH

I just hope that I live to see the day that I open one of these accessory packs and think…’awesome…just the right amount of coils’

So …onward and downward…..to the list of incomprehensible hieroglyphics they like to pass off as a specs list…time to crank up the mummy gabbling garbage spouter….


Design Collaboration by Digiflavor and RiP Trippers
A Rip Trippers Project
25mm Diameter
4.6mL Juice Capacity – Standard Configuration
8.1mL Max Capacity – Juice Expansion Tube
Premier Stainless Steel Construction
Superior Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
Interchangeable Build Deck Designs
Unique Clamp-Style Two-Post Design
Centrally Secured via Phillips Screws
Spring-Loaded Clamps for Easier Set-ups
Phillips Screws – Heat-Treated for Durability
Dynamic Aiflow Control System
Enlarged Dual Slotted Bottom Airflow
Top Angled Airflow – Flavor-Enhanced
Domical Top Cap Design
Shorter Shalf Section
Dual-Layered Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
510 Drip Tip Adapter
Adjustable Gold-Plated 510 Connection….

What’s in the box:

1 Pharaoh 25mm RTA
1 Expansion Juice Tube – 3.5mL
1 Replacement Glass Tube
1 Allen Key
1 510 Drip TIp Adapter
Spare Parts & O-Rings
Instructional Manual….

Holllly shit balls I have literally been mummified in my own boredom and despair….I almost welcome someone shoving a poker up my nostril to pull my brain out through my nose…

My final thoughts on the Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA would be that you absolutely want this in your collection…that’s the top and bottom of it, it’s everything you need in a tank and much much more, the finish and engineering is as good if not better than any tank I have tried so far and the flavour and vapour production is pretty fucking amazing….what more do you need?….a good price maybe?….well in a market where a premium top of the range all singing all dancing big RTA can cost upwards of £80 the Pharaoh walks like an Egyptian straight into the under £30 range, and for that price it’s literally a Mummy…. a no brainer…HOWEVER….it just so happens that I have been in talks with my Cvapor buddies and thrashed out a rather tasty deal for you all….and it’s quite something…take a gander at this..

Use the coupon code ‘Pharaoh’ at checkout and follow the link below, not an affiliate link, I make nothing from this other than the joy of knowing I can just get you a really REALLY good price.

Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA discounted price

That’s £20.78 for the Silver

£21.78 for the Black

and £24.74 for the Gold

Now that’s an absolute steal for an RTA of this quality.


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Until next time

Your’s eternally vapeful


Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA


Build Quality











  • Exceptional build quality
  • Flavour production
  • Appearance
  • Value
  • large liquid capacity


  • No coils included
  • May give you possible dry knuckles

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