Pugsley’s Cheeky Chapter 2 Choices from those Charitable Chinese Chaps at Gearbest…(and a $100 giveaway)

It would appear…..that those Churlish Chinese Chaps & Chappettes from the Cheap deal Champions Gearbest have been Cheating on us…..I for one am positively Cheerless.

Whilst Checking the ever Changing price Chopping Chart that Gearbest have Chosen me to Check over I damned near Choked on my Chocolate Cheesecake……..Charming.

They’ve only gone and Chiselled away what’s Chargeable to your Chequebook on more than a few Choice Cherishables……(for those Children under 30…you’ll need to Check online what a Chequebook is)

So pull away from your Youtube Channels, those Chores can wait, I’m about to Chastise your Checking accounts with some Choice Choosing’s and take you to Church on what’s worth Checking out….so pull up a Chair and I’ll adorn you with some reasons to be Cheerful.


I’m afraid so folks….for those who shot their wad in the first sale….the best was yet to come. I received a text message from Brandy at Gearbest in the wee hours of this morning informing me of yet MORE price cuts in their 3rd anniversary flash sale and asked me to peruse the treasure in search of……erm….treasure..?

And asked once more to elaborate on the gems I discovered and torture my financially bankrupt vaping peers by showing them stuff they want but can’t have…..well….

Firstly……try your damnedest  to stick this list out, at the end I have an announcement for a forthcoming giveaway to tease you with….or…..you could obviously….just….scroll down….hmm…didn’t think that through at all did I……

And secondly….as per usual it’s kinda confusing, although there seems to be less mistakes this time around, they still insist on making some deals come with discount codes and some without, can’t really see the point but it is what it is and who am I to argue….so keep your eye on that, if the price isn’t what I say it is then check it’s not got a code that you need to input at checkout……

We’ll start nice and slow….but I aint gonna fuck around….there’s quite a plethora of stuffs to make your itchy trigger finger twitch so….

First up, one that is still sat quite high on my list, The Troll RTA from Wotofo, I have heard nothing but amazing things about this 24mm 5ml little flavour monkey, input code TrollRTA and it’s yours for £18.43


Ahhh…the Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus RDTA 30mm 10ml! beast of a flavour tank, I’m almost bored of hearing about it and once I finish this list it’s sitting pretty right at the top of my cart, I’ve been using the Supreme for what seems like forever and if reports are anything to go by then this is AS good…if not better, A top notch 30mm RTA for….wait for it…..£22.27…..I’m really sorry…..actually not so much….

Big daddy OBS, the one and only golden crown wearing king of yesteryear…and ageing very well indeed, if you don’t have one…well…you should…..pretty much the top and bottom of it, and seeing as the price has now dropped to £15.63 you… have not even so much as the slightest sniff of an excuse.

The Geekvape AMMIT, a 22mm 3.5ml RTA single coil flavour fiend, I have reviewed this little monster and I can absolutely confirm that this thing has flavour production rarely found in an RTA, a must for any collection…and can be in yours for a mere £15.85

Digiflavor’s infamous Pharaoh RDA, If you like your chunky mammoth twisties then you no doubt already have on in your arsenal, you can fit almost any build in this beast but like anything new…it get’s old…and the price falls, a third off the retail price now befits this monster, now under 20 quid…..£19.84

Another absolute LEGEND of an RDA from Geekvape ….the Tsunami 24 RDA Glass Window Version, I can’t even remember when I bought mine but it’s used every…single…day. The flavour off this RDA is un-fucking-believable and I would be lost without it….now with an eye watering 65% discount, at this price I am TELLING you to buy one……£16.47

OK…that’s the Honeymoon over….now to hit you where it really hurts with the meaty stuff…..prepare your purses…..risk your relationships…..depending on gender… you’re either gonna chub up or get a full blown wide-on……the Mods…

Phworrr…check that bitch out, who doesn’t love a bit of snakeskin, it’s like the rock star of the vape world…the Lost Vape Therion DNA 166W TC Box Mod, easily a contender for mod of 2016, a beautifully made piece and now under £100….didn’t think that was ever gonna happen…..use code New166 at checkout and it’s £99.40

New on the market but still with a pre-order special price tag on Gearbest, 228w duel 18650 mod, looks reminiscent of the much MUCH more expensive SX Mini G Class that everyone is after these days, yet only a tiny fraction of the price…. ships after March 22nd if your willing to part with £36.81

Another one that seems to have been on my list forever…although apparently I have one on the way…big smiles…the VapeCige VT Box 250 TC MOD with DNA 250 Chip….used to be nearer the £150 mark late last year….but now…you can own a DNA250 mod for as little as £86.85 

This has to be my favourite desktop device, 4 x 18650’s pushing out a lung popping 300w of power yet at a steady 100w it will last for dayyys before a recharge, I LOVE this thing, and I absolutely confirm that at a ridiculous  £37.30 you are robbing THEM.

Well it had to show it’s flakey face at some point, regardless of your feelings towards it it remains one of the most popular mods…EVER….the SMOK Alien Mod Kit, 220w, compact as you like, solid little number….although I would imagine most of you already have one…but still, for the full kit now…it’s dropped to a trigger pulling £47.29…..a steal.

Now a little something on the budget end of things yet still a very popular and solid mod, and check that brushed copper finish…the Smoant Battlestar 200W TC Mod, never been particularly expensive yet now…for a 200w TC Brushed copper mod…they are only asking £27.79 

Maybe you’re not on the market for a mod but want to increase your coil making tool kit, well I remember this thing being upward of £75 when it first appeared on the market, I’ve never used one but I know people that have and swear by it for it’s ease of use at making claptons amongst other things…the Avidartisan Daedalus Coil Jig DIY Tool….now less than half price at £31.26 GYSOT

Who doesn’t want a day-glo green ohm reader?…me…that’s who, I have a much more tasteful black one thank you very much, but for those mentalists who think this is ‘cute’ ….you can have the 521 Tab Ohm and Voltage Tester in vomit green for a less offensive than the colour £18.39

A 4 cell charger for £10.41 ….no…I’ve no idea if it’s any good either….but it’s just over 10 quid so if you want a back up, or one for another room…?…the GOLISI G4 Intelligent Digi Charger.

OK enoughs enough, you get the picture and I still want some friends at the end of this debauchery..

I know I know…..but you have to understand it’s my job now…I’m still there for you…It’s not you it’s me….

Now come on…maybe I can make it up to you in mere moments…..firstly, let me show you where you can get all these wonderful wonderful bargains….just follow this link and let your purse strings flow freely in the wind of poverty….

Gearbest second wave of the 3rd anniversary flash sale


And now for the announcement, It would appear that Steampugs is on the verge of earning it’s first $100 commission from all you lovely folk who have chosen to shop there, or at least gone through the shop link and bought whatever your heart desired…believe me I understand, I have spent HOURS lost in Gearbest…one link adds to another and before you know it you’re looking at fuck knows what…but it’s cheap…and you needs it….regardless….to celebrate this milestone of an achievement….and to being one step closer to early retirement I am going to do what most people do when they earn their first $100 …I’m going to GIVE IT AWAY…..yes that’s right…fuck it, it was never a money making exercise anyway, just a way of keeping the powers that be happy and for me to able to say whatever the hell I like about whatever I review without being cast off into reviewing oblivion…..more details to follow, as soon as the $100 is reached…which won’t be long…think we’re on about $93 now.. I shall work out the how’s and why’s and post an update, and whoever wins will get the $100 to spend at Gearbest on whatever the fuck they want….see….I still love you….highly inappropriately..

Stay posted for more updates sooooon.

Until then

erm….Bye….and…buy stuff 


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