Pugsley’s kinda sucky review of the Avatar Vapenut Vape Expelling Fan…thingy….

So……what do you call a guy that used to love tractors..?

an Ex-tractor Fan…..

see….he used to like tractors……so now he’s an ex-tract…….it’s a review about an…….(sigh)…..only one time ever i’m gonna be able to use that joke………(edit – shouldn’t be ever) …….fine….so the joke sucks……(edit – that’s actually funnier than the joke…but still shit)…

I’ll crack on then eh…..a wasted talent I am….(someone should waste you that’s fo dame sho)….FFS……I wouldn’t mind but I’m heckling myself…what’s all that about?…..oooh don’t pull that thread….

And a long overdue and crystal clear hello to you my smoke free and easy breathing buddies, today we step aside of the usual run of the mill vapeology for something a tad different, something that not so much creates vapour…..but rather gets rid of it….and no I’m not talking about the FDA or the TPD…..although that would of been a totally hilarious name for it….instead they opted to call it something that makes no sense at all…..standard….all will become clear in just a moment…(stop it)……so please …let me clear the air…(get out) and show you what the fuck I am rambling on about….from my fine friends from the east Cvapor…The Avatar VapeNut …vapor…expeller…..extractor…….fan…air-filter….thing…

Not sure where the ‘Nut’ comes into it….you could argue it looks slightly like part of an acorn which is technically still a nut but…I’m reaching there I’ve gotta be honest….but then the tagline of ‘Fashion, ingenuity, For your life’….makes even less sense….unless you make a hat out of it maybe…?…..so let’s leave all that well alone and have a look at what it actually is…

The VapeNut…in a nutshell….(sigh)……is an air-filter, who’s single purpose is to get rid of vapour from the surrounding area of wherever it is positioned. Ever since the first pootube videos came out about this thing it has been gaining a lot of interest because let’s be honest, it’s a good idea, no one like’s being stuck in a foggy atmosphere and at the rate some of us are billowing out the old cumulus that fog can build up extremely quickly…..so it’s a thing that is very much needed by a lot of people….apart from Batman…or maybe ninjas….don’t get one if you’re either of those….

Upon receiving said package it soon becomes apparent that they are very serious about this device, it’s a big ass box that wouldn’t look out of place in an apple store, the retail presence is some of the best I have seen for any kind of vape related device. Inside the box is just as well presented as the outside too, and in this you get the VapeNut, a spare filter, a 12v car adaptor, a power lead (mine was EU so had to get an adaptor) and instead of a manual you get a CD shaped cheat sheet…..which is fine…I mean what do you need to know really…?


Using it is super simple, when you open it the filter inside is in a plastic bag to begin with so all you need to do is a quick pull on the ‘knob’ at the centre of the fan to remove the cover, remove the plastic and push the filter in with the tab facing up…


you’ll notice 2 points of interest on the centre cover once you have it out, firstly… is the fact that it won’t work with the cover off, saves you getting your fingers mangled if you try and sort the filter out while it’s on. There is a contact that you can see on the upper rim of the white casing and this has to be matched up with the opposite contact on the cover when you replace it…

And the second thing you’ll notice is the sensor on the underneath of the cover slap bang in the middle…

This is pretty much the heart of the unit and it’s job is to sense how much vapour is in the air, when in Auto mode it will turn up the power from 1 to 4 depending on the amount it detects, notable by the changing colour of the Avatar logo in the centre of the cover, green for low, amber for ‘hmm I detect a bit of vapey vapey’, orange for ‘we get it you vape’ and red for ‘OMG HOW CAN YOU EVEN BREATH THIS FILTH’…and it’s also notable by the noise of the thing. When it’s on low you can’t hear the VapeNut…but when it hit’s the red…..you can’t hear anything else.

It also has ‘Always on’ settings in each colour/power, just press the touch button on the front to toggle through the power settings, in these modes the touch button changes colour instead of the centre logo.

And to explain how it works well….

in through the front, and clean (ish) air out through it’s ass….

The build quality is actually very good, this is not a lightweight product and it feels built to last, and actually looks kinda cool….if fans are your ‘thing’. It also has little rubber strips underneath it to give it some ‘grippy’ on flat surfaces.

So….that’s what it is……but does it actually work?….well yes and no, …..if you saw the promo video doing the rounds you’ll remember the 1 meter perspex cube with the VapeNut sat in the bottom of it, a guy then filled the cube with copious amounts of vapour and sealed it in, you couldn’t even see the VapeNut it was that thick, but then as the seconds passed the lights on the VapeNut slowly became visible and a few mere moments later the cube was completely clear….a clever video….if we all lived in 1 meter cubes…which we don’t…and here lies the ruse.

Yes it works…to a degree….just don’t expect too much from it, if you think you can stick it in the corner of your living room and chuck huge clouds all night under the premise that the air will stay clear then…..you’ll be asking too much from the poor little thing…as it sits weeping..in the corner…

You really do have to bare in mind that this is a small-ish fan, common sense is required and although you’d be forgiven for thinking that once the little light turns red and the noise increases the attitude problem this thing pertains to have is in fact… way above it’s stature.

No mate….no we didn’t. …Anything further than a meter or so away isn’t going to fall into it’s ‘capture’ zone.. so a room clearer…it is not.

That’s not to say that this thing is useless….far from it actually….I have spent a week testing it in different locations and the more I used it the more I discovered it’s value….and one place in particular that it absolutely shone…was on my desk at work..

You see as long as you are blowing your clouds AT this thing then it truly shows it’s worth, I mean it doesn’t get rid of every single little particle but this is clearly the type of scenario that suits it best….

And you would have to concentrate some pretty thick plumage to see anything other than air be released from it’s rear vents, In fact I’d hazard a guess that the VapeNut filters out around 95% of anything that hits it directly…

But again…..anything that’s not quite near enough or travelling in the direction of it…will soon escape it’s reach no matter how hard it try’s…

Another use thats worth a mention is Hotel rooms, or in my case, holiday cottages.  I stay in the Snowdonian mountains a few times a year and the cottages we stay in are always fitted with ninety twelve smoke machines that throw a wobbly if you so much as fart near one, If I had this then it could….and will….sit next to me on the sofa while I blow my foggyness straight into it’s face…I have enough confidence in it’s abilities to deal with that…..and also to stop me getting my ear bent off the Mrs as she attempts to watch the TV through this…

One rather confusing thing about the whole package is the car charger, why??……apart from the obvious fact that there is nowhere in a car cabin to put the thing other than the passenger seat it’s never going to work nearly as well as opening the window a little bit…or for that matter…the car’s own filtering system….so if you try it…and turn it up full….although it may sound like it will do this….

You will barely notice any difference.

In fact the only scenario I can see this being of any use is if you are parked up….with the windows shut….partaking in the act toking on the devils lettuce with your friends….but even then….if memory serves….turning the car into one big bong was all part of the plan…..

Still…it’s a free option I guess.

The next part fills me with nothing but joy…..the specs…

Model: AVN-1
Dimensions: 200 x 121mm
Applicable Space: ≤ 10m³
Working Voltage: DC12V
Working Current: 0.1A – 1.0A
Power consumption: max 12w
Noise: Less than 50dB

It comes with

  • 1 x VapeNut Vapor Filter (Air Filter Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x Spare Air Filter (longevity: 3 to 6 months/Do not wash)
  • 1 x DC12V Adapter
  • 1 x Car Adapter
  • 1 x Quick Guide Manual


My final thoughts on the Avatar Vapenut would be that yes it certainly has it’s uses for any vaper if you use it correctly, placed in the right position it will filter out almost all of your plumes and leave your surrounding area clean and clear…IF…you blow your clouds at it. Sit in on your desk at work and no one will complain about losing their vision as they walk past you, it’s good and it does work….as long as you don’t ask too much from it…

As for the filters themselves well I couldn’t find any info on how long they last, whether or not you can wash them…or indeed how much new ones cost….but I will be putting it through it’s paces so I will edit as and when I have more info.

Which only leaves one more point…the price, well it retails at a rather painful $100/£82…I wouldn’t pay that for one, and I doubt many would either to be fair, no matter how well it works, but my friends at Cvapor have adorned me with a rather tasty discount code where as that rather over confident price tag tumbles down to a more palatable $76/£62 with free shipping, for the work and holiday aspect alone I would probably pull the trigger on one at that price.

The code to get that price is ….imaginatively …..’VapeNut’ , don’t forget to input it at checkout…..and it is available from the link below…

VapeNut special discount price


I should also add….given recent events….that this is not an affiliate code or link…..just a straight forward discount code and link to the suppliers product…….(meeow!)

Please feel free to peruse the Steampugs site for much more of this kind of nonsense and if you have a stack burning a hole in your bank account then my shop is always open and full of some other rather tasty deals from my suppliers including the odd discount code and downright unfair flash sales…all sales of which…go someway towards keeping the Steampugs boat afloat and able to churn out other piles of illiterate garbage for your entertainment for many years to come…..or at least until the internet runs out of gifs….(never)…the shop is found on the top tab or just click this link….

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Coming up soon I have the rather attractive looking new RDTA from Geekvape…the Medusa, and Wotofo’s Lush Plus RDA….so keep your eye’s peeled….maybe buy a VapeNut so you can see the computer screen…..

Until next time

Yours eternally vapeful





Avatar VapeNut


Build Quality











  • Appearance
  • Retail presence
  • works (kinda)
  • Build quality
  • Auto detect system


  • Expensive
  • too small to clear a room
  • noisy on full
  • useless car charger

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