Pugsley’s Super Heavyweight and multi tasking maniac review of the Joyetech Ocular C 150w TC Mod

“IT NEED’S TO DO MORE STUFF!” screamed the head of R&D over at the Joyetech Asylum…

“how do you mean?…” whispered the by now terrified electrical engineer from under his desk…


“bu bu but it’s too small….you can’t possib….”



At least that’s how I’ve heard it went over at Joyetech HQ when the R&D manager lost his final marble whilst coming up with their latest all singing, all dancing…all….cooking…Mod. Sadly however, the manager is no longer with us after the resulting meeting where as the engineers got together with several lawyers present and told him that it was actually impossible to fit a blow torch, a food blender, a DVD player which no one uses anymore anyway and a waffle iron onto a vaping mod…but he could if he wanted, have an MP3 player, A photo gallery and a pedometer…..

It didn’t go well.

And another glorious welcome to you my ever growing posse of manic dessert breathing misty monkeys….(what?) … Here we are again, never too soon, with more claptrap and nonsense regarding yet another fine piece of vapeology, and on this occasion…the boundaries have yet again been pushed ever so slightly towards the big neon sign that simply yet boldly says in ten foot letters….’What the actual fuck?’

After the sudden yet slightly unsurprising loss of their R&D manager those mentalists over at Joyetech decided that he actually may well have been onto something, people do like gadgets, they love stuff that does other stuff so they can do stuff at the same time as doing other different stuff..all at the same time ……you follow me?….doubtful, so instead let me show you what the hell I’m on about, courtesy of my buddies at Cvapor…The Joyetech Ocular C 150w TC Mod….slash….photo viewer…slash MP3 player….not slash waffle iron…

Doesn’t exactly look like the ‘Swiss army’ mod it’s portrayed to be now does it, well this little newcomer, and I do mean little,  in the heavyweight mod division…and i do mean heavy….will indeed surprise you.

On the surface it’s a 150w (soon to be upgraded to 200w) touchscreen temp control capable mod which offers all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a mod in this day and age, it has modes for all wires, it runs TC, VW and also has a TCR mode etc etc, it runs off 2 x 18650’s and everything drives from the screen apart for the fire button in the usual place..

Nothing new there, however…..not happy with mere bells and whistles this also has party poppers and fireworks. One thing you’ll notice as soon as you see it in the flesh is a 3.5mm Aux jack planted in the side just above the battery door…

This will be for your earphones…you read it right…earphones, the Ocular C you see has a built in MP3 player with 2gb of storage for your favourite tunes and it doesn’t stop there either, it also has a built in stepometer AND a photo gallery…now I can see the angle they went with this, people give up smoking and some go on a health kick, so they could…apparently…Vape..while they walk/jog, and listen to music all at the same time….hmmm…(don your finest Yoda voice)……a problem with this I have…

You see…the second thing you’ll notice when you pick up this mod is it weighs almost as much as a small planet…it’s almost twice the weight of a Smok alien and only ever so slightly bigger, you load 2 of your finest high drain’s in here and you’re looking at roughly half a kilogram….half a kg!?…..you wanna go doing sporty stuff with half a kilo in your pocket?…

You couldn’t even watch sports with half a kilo in your pocket…

In fact…you wouldn’t wanna do anything at all with half a kilo in your pocket…..

I mean I guess you could carry it around in a bag maybe….

Obviously I’m exaggerating….slightly….but this thing is way heavier than any other mod I have around the same size..if fact it’s heavier than most mods that are way bigger, and I fear this could be a bit of an issue for some vapers. I mean it’s bound to be heavy isn’t it, I understand that, it’s full of all sorts of witchcraft and fuckery and that weighs big, do we need it in a mod though when 75% of the worlds population have mobile phones that do those jobs better?….I’m not so sure, touchscreen yes, I am a fan of those, but the rest of it?…..gimicky?….I’ll let you decide.

As a touchscreen mod it’s great, I mean it certainly feels unbelievably solid and if truth be told I prefer my mods to be a bit on the heavier side anyway,  the screen is large and in charge but isn’t quite as bright as my ageing eyes would like, it is super responsive though and kinda clever, you can swipe left and right between the different modes and control your power/temp very easily right on the screen.

You even have a choice of clocks to use as a screensaver

Within the menu there is also a system dedicated to following your vaping habits, further bolstering my theory of Joyetechs selling point with the new ‘giver uppers’ and on top of that there is a full available App for iOS and Android to follow all this info, put images and music onto your mod, change your wallpaper etc all via the tooth that is blue…..it really is a techy vapers wet dream…yet still manages to be very user friendly for someone that doesn’t care too much about all the extras.

Another trick up this magicians sleeve is safety, like the Cuboid the Ocular seems to have a 25amp limit in place…I’m actually struggling to confirm or deny these parameters as any information I can find is sketchy at best and the device is still new, My 0.17ohm build wouldn’t go over 23 amps and about 80w on testing anyway so make of that what you will, it’s still enough power for most users and up in the mid 0.5 ohms you will have all the power on tap, but seeing as this mod is clearly geared towards new vapers then it can only be a good thing.

As for how it feels well, it feels REALLY durable, The paint seems to be extremely thick and couple that with the weight of the thing it really does feel like an extremely well made high quality device, not just a big chunk of heavy metal.

Think you might struggle keeping your earphones in there fellas….

The 510 position is excellent, plenty of room on there for most chunky tops which is something that appears to be overlooked by a lot of manufacturers lately.

The Battery door is also one of the best I have seen so far, very solid, and much akin to a lot of battery doors on more recent mods.

In the box you get the usual suspects…

OK…here we are once again…..spec time….you lot crack on, I’m going to the Joyetech R&D cafeteria for a quick drink of orange juice…


Mod size 32.00*45.00*91.50mm
Screen type 1.68 inch TFT/CTP(Capacity Touch Panel) Screen
Resolution 320*240 dpi
Output mode VW/Bypass/VT(Ni, Ti, SS316)/TCR Mode
Output wattage 1-150W
Resistance range 0.05-1.5ohm for VT/TCR mode

0.1-3.5ohm for VW/Bypass mode

Temperature Range 100-315°C/ 200-600°F
Memory capacity 2GB
Battery type
Two replaceable high rate 18650 cells (CDC25A)
 Color Silver, Grey, Black

Package contents:

1 * Ocular C (no cell)
1 * USB Cable
1 * Manual
1 * Warranty Card
1 * Warning Card
Detailed Introduction:


1. 150W maxmium output
2. Powered by dual 18650 batteries
3. Newest touchscreen box mod
4. CTP/TFT screen for modern vape
5. Pedometer function
6. Transmission function
7. Music function
8. Photo gallery
9. Firmware upgrade

WOWZAS!……I think a part of me just actually died.

My final thoughts on the Joyetech Ocular C would be, if you are a slave to all things gadgety, and you have just given up smoking and want to monitor your vaping habits, and you are looking for a well made, safe touchscreen mod that’s not too big but feels quality then you will check this out and be like

Seriously, it’s that good, it’s completely over the top with features, if you are a seasoned vaper however who often likes to punish his coils whilst walking the tightrope of safety then you might want to look elsewhere as this mod will not like you.

I can quite safely say that this is a winner from Joyetech, they have a certain kind of vaper in mind and apart from the weight they have absolutely nailed it. Also quite noteworthy is that if you don’t have the full vaper equipment package at home with chargers and batteries and what have you then they also make the Ocular (without the C) An 80w version with a 5000mah inbuilt battery….5000!…(although the mod is slightly smaller…unbelievably).

Ok some not so good news for my UK friends and neighbours, the link I am about to give you is no good to you as it would appear someone else has the monopoly on Joyetech stuff being sold to the UK and South Korea but the rest of you are golden and can snag one here for an at present 34% and 35% off the retail price with free shipping to boot..

Joyetech Ocular C 150w TC Touchscreen Mod 34% off with free shipping

And the 5000mah Ocular here…

Joyetech Ocular 80w TC Touchscreen Mod 35% off with free shipping

I’m off back to the Joyetech R&D department, Bill has an idea for a new staple clapton drill head he’s working on and say’s he wants my input…..at least I think that’s what he said…..does that look like a spanking toy to you..??


Until next time

Yours eternally vapeful






Joyetech Ocualar C


Build Quality











  • Feature rich
  • Solid build
  • small in size
  • responsive screen
  • App support


  • can you be too safe?

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