Pugsley’s unleashed and snarling review of the Desire Mad Dog 24mm RDA

Let’s just put this out there, I’m a massive dog person (wait…you’re only 5’8″?)…..rude….. I have 2, and if you are uncomfortable around them, you are more than welcome to come round my house so that I can lock you in another room….However…after 30 odd years of dog ownership there are some rules…some understandings…that you quickly learn, and always adhere to.

Firstly, if you have kids you can’t own a slightly ‘unhinged’ dog, and secondly, you can’t get one for Christmas.

So when I was asked by my fine friends at Heavengifts if I would like a Mad Dog for Christmas?…I simply replied..

You’re dog gamn right I do…….

fuck the system.

And a firm tickle under the chin to you my furry canine cloud creators, I hope you are well and good and back into the swing of things and ready to learn close to nothing about another piece of  Vaping hardware once more, for today I have for you something a little bit different, from a company I’d never heard of…in a colour I’d never seen before….and made of something that none of my other collection is made of…intrigued? …you should be, The Desire Mad Dog 24mm RDA..

Desire are a company that’s been with us only a year and stem from the same part of the world that could very well be called ‘Vapeingdom’ …Shenzhen China, They boast of having at their disposal an innovative group that consist of experienced and enthusiastic vapers, so when they bring out an RDA for vapers designed by vapers…you’d expect something rather good, and maybe a little different, and The Mad Dog RDA is just that..but then..Being called a ‘Mad Dog’ you’d also expect it to be a vicious little bitch that would rather bite your face off than let you happily suck your finest vape out of it’s skull.

…which…really isn’t the impression I got when I first opened the box and took out this puppy..

I mean look at it, it’s shiny, and glittery…and..in this case…pale green, there’s not an ounce of ‘Mad Dog’ about it…if anything it’s more

Alas…like I always say…what is indeed in a name, the important thing here is how it performs as an RDA, so let’s take a closer look.

The Mad Dog is a 24mm, side air flow RDA with a double convex 2-post gold plated build deck, which..in short means it’ll take your big ass coils, and they’ll happy sit snug in the duel cut out slots in each post.

And it’ll take your run of the mill coils too, in fact this little pooch ain’t too fussy what you stick in there, What’s also interesting about the build deck is the Air flow vents, as you can see they’re not like ‘normal’ vents, these vent are more like scoops that direct the airflow straight up to the coil and out into your cake hole, and because these vent’s are scooped up, the outside of the vent is low yet the inside is set quite high from the bottom of the deep juice well, so you wont get any flooding all over your pride and joy, also…..another bi-product of these scoop vents…and I don’t know if this was intentional with this design,  but what I did notice with this method is that it totally eliminates side spitting…see.. good behaviour …where the hell is this rabid mongrel they talk about??…..

The second thing that became immediately obvious is that this thing ain’t made out of your usual material, this thing weighs nothing, I mean seriously nothing, The cap is made out of an aviation aluminium-magnesium alloy and when you pop it off you can barely even feel it in your hand, it’s super tough though..just..really….really light

“Give me a hand with my mod man it’s too damned heavy”….said ….nobody ever.. so…why?..well, because it’s an Aluminium alloy so due to excellent heat dissipation properties it gets cool way quicker than steel, something quite relative when it comes to vaping, and on top of that, they have also put a plastic insulating disk on the bottom to stop any heat from the deck reaching your mod as well as a plastic wide bore drip tip so the heat doesn’t reach your kissers…

Mad??……noo no no no, this thing has been tamed…..I’d go as far as to say lobotomised…actually maybe that’s the kind of mad they refer to…maybe it’s been through something…that it doesn’t want to talk about…

I mean this beast can blow clouds, serious serious clouds given the right coils and power, it has the space for a chunky pair of low ohm trick coils, It has more than enough airflow..

And the heat it can handle is way more than I am normally comfortable with yet…you wouldn’t know…and before you know it you’re sat in your room and you can’t see your own hand in front of your face….mental.

You see these group of innovative Vapers at Desire HQ have been asking the right questions when it came to R&D, they tackled the problems as they came and put things in place to overcome them, I mean when you get a new tank…or a new RDA or whatever, no matter how good it is there’s always something …even if it’s just a tiny insignificant thing that makes you think…’they shoulda done that differently’ …..but with this….I can’t find anything..like..at all…which although makes me sound like a bit of a fanboy…is also fucking annoying, oh wait…that’s it’s issue…..it has no issues for me to pick up on and put in the ‘cons’ list…which will make it feel alone..and unwanted, I mean where do you even go with that… I could say you might not like how light it is..??….orrr you might not like the metallic colours…but they do it in black too, they don’t do it in silver or brushed stainless but seriously how ‘nitpicky’ would that be, these RDA’s look cool, in every colour..

And it doesn’t exactly stop there either….

Not a fan of hex bolts?….ok…how about a choice of 3 different kind of post screws?….seriously, I’m not even slightly kidding..In the box you get 3 kinds of screws because…well…who fucking knows, maybe you had a grub screw round off on you once and now the mere site of them brings you out in a cold sweat, whatever the reason..these guys have got you covered…

And that’s something else I’ve never seen before.

Basically, this RDA has been thought through from top to bottom by people that are as passionate about vaping as we are, it’s super easy to use and to build on, it’s a ‘pop, drip, plop, and go’ which is absolutely my favourite type of RDA, I mean they advertise it as a top drip through the drip tip hole but who does that?..just pull the top off I like to see how much I’m putting on there, there’s nothing to unscrew or work out just to get your 5 or 6 blasts off the thing, There’s no surprise molten VG spitting out of the side vents on wide open, The flavour and cloud production is excellent,  it doesn’t get too hot, it doesn’t burn your lips, it doesn’t heat up your mod….I mean what else do we need?…be nice if it could clean itself maybe…

But as for being a Mad Dog?…not in the slightest, this thing doesn’t even have a slight temper..

So..here we are again, always too soon in my opinion…the doggy do list

It Comes with

  • 1 x Mad Dog RDA
  • 12 x Screws
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 2 x large silicone o-ring
  • 1 x small silicone o-ring


Height: 37.5mm
Outside diameter: 24mm
Material: aluminum-magnesium alloy and PEI
Thread: 510

FUCKS SAKE..even the specs list is palatable !

My final verdict is a bit of a moot point really…I think I’ve made my opinions pretty clear about this RDA already, I love it, I can’t find anything wrong with it, This Mad Dog is right on the money..

It’s cool as fuck…literally, there’s nothing mad about it, and it knows it..

One thing I haven’t mentioned however is the price, how much does all this innovation cost?…well how much did you pay for that authentic Goon?…£60…£70?….how about the Kennedy..same?…well, this little well trained Doberman will set you back a little under £25…..they didn’t even have the decency to give it a mad price.

And you can get your filthy paws on one here…

Desire Mad Dog 24mm RDA Special Offer

and once again if you use code APUGS15  you’ll snag it for a little over £20.

I believe this RDA will put Desire firmly on the map, and once again I will be keeping my eye out for any future products from them. With this attention to detail and thought, they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with the Mad Dog RDA

Ok that’s a little disturbing……about time though..

Yours eternally vapeful





Desire Mad Dog RDA 25mm


Build Quality











  • Build quality
  • Performance
  • Airflow
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Colour Choice


  • Makes this list redundant

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