Pugsley’s Soul Destroying And Heart devouring Review Of The Geekvape Ammit RTA

“Ammit”…. “devourer”…..”soul-eater”, A female demon in ancient Egyptian religion with the head of a crocodile, The mane of a lion, and the arse of a hippo.

I’m not 100% sure, but there’s a pretty good chance I used to be married to it…


Welcome once again my Nubian’s to yet another botched attempt at mummifying your senses with Hieroglyphics entombed in utter nonsense and sprinkled with a seasoning of some actual facts regarding Geekvapes new RTA… a single coil flavour machine, courtesy of Heavengifts….The Ammit.

Now I admit, It was with some trepidation that I agreed to review the Ammit, I have 2 Griffins on my tank shelf which for all intents and purposes might as well be ornaments, I never got the hype with the Griffin, I found it to be a massive flavour sponge, great for clouds….that tasted of very little, you may not agree but…hey…subjective right?, however I accepted said challenge as i was intrigued by the single coil and the new 3 directional air flow…would it make the difference??….. let’s ave a gander .

We’ll start at the beginning, In true Geek vape fashion the box is a clear plastic box inside a card sleeve, it looks the part and I have always been a fan of there ‘on view’ approach to retail presence, that is…if it was a particularly nice looking tank, I mean it’s ok, it’s clean looking, smooth, but not particularly sexy, I mean it’s no Egyptian goddess stood there stroki……erm….hmmm…

However, that is not the reason this tank has surfaced, I would imagine Geek Vape listened when they heard the chatter about a loss in flavour from the Griffin, and they have dealt with it in a very geeky way, for one they’ve dropped a coil….it doesn’t care…it simply struts past other duel coil decks like

it has a purpose and it is single and loving it, it has a deck made especially for it and an airflow all of it’s very own, THIS is a very very selfish little deck…

As you can see, it has the usual up-shoot of airflow coming through the coil from the bottom via the duel adjustable side vents but it also has another 3 tunnels directed diagonally to bounce of the side of the coil and straight up the chimney so in effect it has air flow completely surrounding the coil…see….Geeky party goin on right there.

For test purposes I whipped up a straight forward SS316L twisted .5mm ribbon on 28, 7 wraps spaced with 3mm ID, she wasn’t pretty, but i wanted quick ramp up and instant explosion…and although you do…or…are meant to get a couple of ready made claptons with the kit it..seems to be a worldwide conspiracy on my part…no coils for me so..I improvised..

After a quick trim the whole deck looked like a barber shops floor after the KFC Colonel had been for his weekly trim so I blew her down, juiced her up…cocked and loaded

Well…that oughta do it….. fierce little croc faced monster make no mistake, looks like souls shall be on the menu after all…. I befriended this Egyptian beast like the coward I am….

Placed the touchy little bastard back in it’s tomb, which incidentally is one of those inserts that can be taken out even with a full tank and wont spew all over your lap, couldn’t be easier,  screwed it all together and gave it a ten minute chaining, first impressions were somewhat sombre, but I’m no noob, she was all brand new and needed teasing to get the best out of her, second tank in I started to get a sense of what this mythological beast was all about, flavour, and lots of it, this new Geeky airflow works, and works well, I mean it didn’t devour my soul or eat my heart but the difference in flavour between this and the Griffin is substantial, and with the vents fully open the draw was perfect, All Geeks rejoice, they absolutely nailed it.

SO!…..with the test ending on a very positive note lets take a peek through our spectacles at what is on offer here,

It’s a 22mm so she’s a slender beast for something with a hippo’s bottom, however the top fill holes are massive, ALL tanks should have this, it takes your average twist off/Unicorn bottle no problem.

Usual bag of gubbins, all good there….

And a very nice package if you don’t mind me saying so sir….although with a ….rather odd…warning on it, gotta love em.

which brings me annoyingly to a random list of words and numbers that no ones really interested in, I’ll be off to make a quick brew while you enjoy yourself for 4 seconds…

  • Height: 43 mm
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Drip tip height: 10 mm
  • Chimney width: 10 mm
  • Capacity: 3.5 ml
  • Three-dimensional airflow
  • Top-fill design

you done? (slurp) …..enjoy that did ya?…glad someone did.

All in all, I have to say i recommend this tank, In a world where everyone is after a tank that tastes as good as an RDA this isn’t too far off the mark, I’d put it up there with the Aromomizer supreme and the Serpent mini and with it only being a 22mm it’ll work well with smaller mods, I actually have mine tucked away snugly in my Tesla stealth and it works brilliantly and fits right in your pocket without running the risk of getting arrested in public, it’s made well as are most GeekVape products and it’s incredibly easy to build on.

Whichever geek in the Geekvape HQ came up with the airflow idea though…

Well done son,

take a bow.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these then they are currently available with 17% off for $29.90 here or around $36 elsewhere

Ammit RDA Special offer

And as a further bonus use code APUGS15 for another 15% off

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Yours eternally Vapeful











Geekvape Ammit RDA


Build Quality











  • Flavour
  • Airflow
  • top fill
  • coil release


  • bland appearance

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