Pugsley’s unworthy and lower class review of the Hcigar Maze RDA

“Really?….Back so soon??” cried the hoards of obsessive Vapers hell bent on avoiding yet another ‘funny turn’ in Vape review literature’s history…”find a hobby!” shouted the narrator’s girlfriend sick to death of him cackling to himself whilst engulfed in a cloud of sweet creamy vapour whilst tap tap taping away on the keyboard of his laptop,

“Hush ones mouth you peasant”…I bawled  “I am trying to write something luxurious and informative yet slightly sarcastic and derogatory about something you would know very little about woman!….CLASS!”


Oooooooh….swerved, I’ll pay for that tomorrow….anyhoo, yes…class, the word that springs to mind when I lay my eyes upon this next piece of rebuildable art work, If a highly polished stainless steel fused staple clapton was coil art, then this…is undoubtedly, RDA art, The Hcigar Maze RDA



And who can blame Terry for such a reaction, That there is one good looking RDA. Now this isn’t new on the market, I know that, It was sourced from my good friends at www.gearbest.com, and I truly think it deserves a bit more attention for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Hcigar certainly put in the effort with this gorgeous piece, there aren’t many tops out there that have full on classy straight out of the box, and this has it in abundance, I would go as far as to say that if Bette Davies could put her stinkies away long enough to take up vaping, THIS is what she would be vaping with…


yes!…that’s you young lady…..filthy habit 

I genuinely have no idea why there aren’t many more RDA’s or indeed RTA’s out there with this level of detail, The ornate pattern, the custom resin drip tip even the slight cut outs just below the tip so that it sits in your lips more comfortably, this thing has been thought through from top to bottom. And it isn’t just all about appearances either, the Maze is a flavour machine, it’s short, the chamber is small and the tip is stubby, all of which contribute to a higher flavour concentration, the distance between your mouth and the coil is barely anything and while you would expect a mouthful of molten lava it just doesn’t happen, on top of all that it’s no slouch either, the Maze can produce impressive clouds for something so tiny. As i have been telling my better half for the last 6 years, good things certainly do come in small packages……

But above all else, for me, it’s the classy, I like things that look nice, things that demand a certain level of respect…I dare say that if this RDA became dry, it wouldn’t so much as ask politely for more juice…it would probably just


And more so, if you even attempted to fob it off with an un-steeped Melon and grape cream it would just dismiss you in an instant..


If this RDA was a woman, you would have to put in some serious leg work just to have the opportunity to sit and share a drink with her, the drink would have to be perfect, the place exquisite and damn you would have to be dressed right and have charm oozing out of every orifice…except maybe one….there are some orifices that should remain oozless at all times ,   only then could you maybe find yourself in this situation


And should such an situation arise, like a true lady of class, she can even have a hat for every occasion as the Maze comes with a polished 510 adaptor ring to accommodate a more fitting Hat to match whichever outfit she so desires


Now there’s an enigma, that’s sat on top of my 26650 mech, that thing is massive but she is just sat there like she belongs all resplendent and with an almost arrogant aura, you try telling her she shouldn’t be on it she would simply say



And just to add in some perspective for you, here she is sat next to the butch almost hulkesque block of steel we all know as the Pharaoh.


Almost doesn’t seem right does it, all that perfection in such a tiny petite frame but there she is, a surprise for me, a firm favourite in my box of tricks and a worthy place in anyone’s collection. If only more manufacturers would put this level of passion for aesthetics coupled with functionality into more gear these days…actually no, scratch that, I’d be very poor very quickly.

So to wrap up this almost tame by recent standards review, I shall leave you with a couple of snap shots for you to admire while you reach for your credit cards, and I shall see again all too soon  I’m off for a glass of Pimms on the lawn with my new Mazey…..yes…I’ve named her.


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Hcigar Maze RDA


Build Quality











  • Amazing Quality
  • Appearance
  • Flavour
  • detail
  • Value


  • May feel too small for some
  • Crap black cardboard box

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