Pugsley’s almost bang on review of the Laisimo L3 200w Touchscreen Mod

Well hello there once again my fine fellow vaping community , you can all rest now safe in the knowledge that I have another review just for you!! HOW EXCITING I HEAR YOU CRY!!


I trust you are all fit and well and full of the joys of …erm….Winter…n stuff , It is indeed that time once again when i like to adorn you all with many information’s and factables laced with comedic gifs, splattered with lightheartedness and seasoned ever so slightly with immature and more often that not silly mumbling’s regarding another piece of Vaping electronica in the guise of the rather attractive looking overly technological masterpiece of a mod by Chinese vape extraordinaire’s LAISIMO


I give you….the L3 …(talk about anti-climax, but what’s in a name eh)

Today’s review is brought to you by the letter L….the number 3….and the ‘other’ galactic giveaway maestro’s from China… ‘Gearbest’ , the company which lets be honest, sells pretty much anything you can think of at prices that make the ironically named ‘Fasttech’ quake in their Xuēzi..(of course I didn’t google that…how dare you ..) and also arrive a damn site quicker.
Large thanking’s being thrown in the general direction of @June for hooking me up and allowing me to put one of these little beauties through it’s paces, I shall put a link up at the bottom of this illiterate mess should you like it so much you need one immediately.
First thing’s first, when it arrived I admit I was kinda excited to get my grubby mits on this mod so on opening the box I was totally


so lets just look at it in all its polished brushed stainless glory…





That’s right, I repeat…’Brushed Stainless’….and lots of it, It is indeed no secret that if I could I would live in a house made of brushed stainless, I would drive a brushed stainless car and I would wear brushed stainless clothes….I’d even consider a brushed stainless girlfriend…but that would be weird..(THAT would be weird??) the finish on this is incredible, the kind of brushed stainless that looks as though it has been finely polished for a thousand years leaving no sharp edges and a ’rounded’ smooth feel I haven’t seen in any other mod I own, I mean it actually comes with a silicone sleeve, again something I haven’t had in any other Mod package before but…why the hell would I use that??….if Margot Robbie walked up to me completely in the buff (here we go again..)


would the first thing that popped into my head be “i should really put some clothes on that” …no sir….no it would not!…and if my girlfriend is reading this which she usually does, babe, just slap me and let’s move on 


NOT helping Margot….

Anyhoo…onward and upward, the reasons I wanted to review this particular mod are firstly, I was intrigued as to whether a ‘screen’ was a sound idea on a mod, I mean liquid and screens just don’t go, I have enough trouble with SMOK top screens going as crazy as a giraffe on roller skates at the slightest over-drip spillage so how would a touch screen cope??…and secondly, how would that tech effect the battery life??
Well let me tell you, this screen is SNUG, there are no gaps, no cracks, no areas where you would watch a drip of your finest disappear down a crack intent on ruining your day while you just sit there and watch in sheer horror like…


I see no issues there at all, I LIKE this technology, why wouldn’t I? the vast majority of us use touch screens every day, it’s familiar, the amount of options and information at your finger tips far excels what you would get on a mod without it, so if it works, and it is safe, then why the hell not? you have the Time and Date, a battery gauge for EACH battery, a touch slide for power, ohms, puff count, draw time, volts AND a picture of your choosing…and that’s all on at once right there before you every time you hit the fun button, and more so than that, it’s also Bluetooth and once you download the app on your phone all the settings are adjustable right there,



although apart from bluetoothing a picture to use as a screensaver i’m not sure why you would actually need that feature but hey…a mans gotta tinker …………
The thing is, if you’re like me and quite like to personalise your set up then being able to choose any picture you want is the perfect solution to this, I threw a couple over just to show, I mean it isn’t exactly a HD screen, but it’s ok…


Which leads me to my second question, at what cost to battery life does this technology cause?….well…here’s the thing, it doesn’t add up…I have been using this mod at 100w almost exclusively (this and my PWM) since I got in from work yesterday, and i have used about a quarter of the battery life…I’m looking at the gauges like …


and thinking like


I have no answers, I am not an electrical engineer, this is me trying to understand the internal workings of anything more complicated than a flash light


suffice to say…this is not what i was expecting, in the best possible way, whatever they have done, however they have made this mod, it is most certainly NOT a power sponge, now I know most of you vape jedi’s out there will all be like ..




Next, size….does it matter?….well according to my Mrs no it does not…although I can never quite understand why she laughs hysterically when answering that question but still, you’d expect this mod to be a little on the ‘chunky’ side, but you’d be wrong, this is not a ‘stay at home’ mod like the Maxo, it can’t get you arrested if you have one in your pocket whilst walking through a kids playground like the RX200, here is a comparison picture with the usual suspects..

Laisimo L3


Build Quality











  • Excellent Quality
  • Copious amounts of features
  • Battery life
  • Free Sleeve
  • Compact and solid feel


  • Kind of expensive (but still worth it)
  • Screen resolution is old tech
  • It could look like you are on your phone if you Vape and drive :-S

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