Pugsley’s right riveting review of the Digiflavor Pharaoh RDA…..or RDTA..?

Hey my lovely bunch :v::nerd::v: as promised by myself I have put the ‘New kid on the block’ through a rigorous almost vindictive set of physical, electrical and downright mental challenges.




Firstly I would like to thank @Heaven_Gifts for this amazing prize and opportunity, this thing was always high on my list of things to purchase from the moment I saw the mentalist ‘Rip Tripper‘ do his sales pitch on YouTube…(admittedly I am a salesman’s dream and can literally be talked into buying anything)

So…..with the pleasantry’s out of the way…lets crack on :nerd:

The first thing to note is the packaging, it looks good, could be better…but good, I kinda like the Geek vape approach to packaging where as you can see the item through a window but at least on this box the lid doesn’t go all the way down to the base so it is at least easy to open (if you have had one of these boxes where the lid sits flush with the base without so much as a semi-circle cut out on either side you’ll know exactly what I am talking about, trying to prise them open with your fingernails is no fun for anyone)

One slight niggle on the packaging though, they’ve put a ‘Brick’ pattern all over it, I mean I get it, it’s obviously meant to symbolise the Pyramids to go with the whole Egyptian theme but……mate…..they weren’t made from house bricks :confused:?



Moving on to the meat in this proverbial vape sandwich, once open you are greeted with the prize, I mean this thing looks sexy as hell,and heavy!…I like heavy, and who doesn’t love brushed stainless, it’s super clean looking, I personally would of preferred a matching drip tip, not really a fan of the black plastic but I guess that could cause a heat issue. The drip tip does however have the anti-spit back cover which is brilliant, and such an easy solution, My Messes spits like a Lama if I over drip…which I do …a lot, so vaping in a vest with that thing is a no no :flushed: I got one in my eye the other night …HIGHLY UNPLEASANT let me tell you. :scream:

Once I worked out how to open the thing (it was early in the morning, I was only 1 coffee in and these things don’t come with a manual…don’t judge) I unscrewed the top off (not pull..:confounded:) to be greeted with a deck that wasn’t quite as heavy duty and solid looking as I imagined it would be, don’t know why, just something about the whole area looked a bit….tinny? The spring loaded clamps are nice and a good idea, but let me just say, it’s not so much an innovation as a necessity, you wouldn’t be able to use this kind of set up without the springs, it would be a massive PITA without them, I’m waiting for someone to come up with a system that clamps down, like a speaker cable socket, that would be awesome :ok_hand: Ok starting off nice and simple, I decided to stick in a duel Hive coil spaced 4 wraps 3mm ID coming in at 0.42 ohms for the pair


Fitting them was super easy, no issues there at all, wicking also very straightforward, wet the wick, push the ends down into the well, close the slide for a snug fit and you’re off, top screwed on I hit with a jab, 55w…nice…the first thing that hit me was “Sh&t!…I forgot to clean it first!”….swiftly followed by “oh…there’s no oil taste at all”…..Kudos…super Kudos actually, the amount of times I have forgotten to pre-clean and been met with a gob full of machine oil taste :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: GACK! …but this thing was CLEAN…and not only clean, but the flavour this dripper produces is LUSH, FULL ON AND THICK!.

This was a very pleasant start..


I was however just dancing around this thing with a few kiddie taps to break it in, show it who’s boss before I unleash the kraken on it’s ass….it was time to get down and dirty, so I made a coil all special like…..(just to add, removing the old coils is not only easy but they come away totally undamaged for use again, very handy if you want to experiment with different builds!)

So on with the heavy weight bout…..A fused clapton with 2 x 26 gauge SS 316L core wrapped in the same 26 gauge SS 316L, 6 wraps, 3mm ID


she was a chunky mother all right, ohm’s in at 0.23, time to test this puppy…




after a brief stepped wattage climb to break it in I wicked it, juiced it and screwed the lid on….I ramped it up to 90w and BOOM!…..FML! ….I actually had to walk away after giving my phone to my girlfriend to take the picture of the PLUME this thing gave out…:flushed: I am actually at the foot of that plume whilst the mrs …erm…got in a plane to take the pic…:smirk:


You aint getting this thing on the ropes, this dripper will take anything you throw at it and shout


I admitted defeat graciously, I removed the chunky mother and opted for a pair of Alien Claptons, straight forward no nonsense, a lovely sweet desert after the main course shall we say…


Obligitory glow shot…….


I kept all as is, 90w, 0.27ohms, I like a warm vape and the Vanilla Cheesecake Supreme I made a couple of weeks ago is coming on superbly, the flavour AND the clouds are both AMAZING with this dripper….is it a dripper?…it’s technically an RDTA..?..isn’t it?..anyway whatever it is I love it, I am keeping this set up on for the day to see how easy it is to live with but after testing this thing I can definitely say with confidence that if you pull the trigger on one, you will NOT be disappointed…In fact, the only thing I can say about the Pharaoh that became slightly annoying after living with it for a day was the screw on top, I know…lazy right…but i admit, I am more of a ‘Pop, Drop, Plop & Go’ kinda vaper and I don’t find the screw on entirely necessary.

So to wrap this rambling crock pot of a review up I shall present you with a brief list of pro’s and cons…..mainly because the football is on in an hour and I need to get to the pub :grin::beers:


  1. Looks Amazing
  2. Feels amazing
  3. Performs as promised
  4. The clamps work really well
  5. So many coil options with this thing seriously, anything!
  6. Actually holds an admirable amount of liquid.
  7. Superbly well made.
  8. Anti-spit back drip tip is the future!


  1. Packaging is a bit naff…and….wrong..
  2. Not a huge fan of the plastic drip tip.or the screw on top.

that’s about it really….:confused:

Final Thoughts

My final words would be, yes…you absolutely should have this in your arsenal, it is my new favourite thing, it’s both innovative and practical, there is no ‘form over function’ with this RDA….RDTA….whatever it is, you want it, you need it, buy one! (unless you’re lucky enough to win one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and if at this point you are all like “I WANT ONE NOWWW” then I will even provide a link for you to do just that…I am just all heart :wink:




Digiflavor Pharaoh RDTA


Build Quality











  • looks
  • quality
  • coil options
  • innovation
  • above average retail presence
  • easy to build on
  • spring clamps


  • Package design
  • screw top
  • gets hot

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