Pugsley’s utterly splendid review of the Digiflavor Lynx RDA

And a happy evening to all my fantabulous vaping family, much loves being thrown with utter abandonment in your general direction at an almost flippant level.
And to all the newcomers (of which there appears to be ‘snowballesque’ amount) I say this..


Today I bring to you one of Digiflavors new collection of RDA’s in the form of the LYNX, courtesy of everyone’s favourite ‘gargantuan give-away’ extraordinaire’s @Heaven_Gifts, The Chinese Vaping supplier with the fastest delivery times I have known from that part of the world…seriously..it’s either some kind of witchcraft or…


So, lets just get right down and dirty and go straight for the jugular



No…it’s not the Pharaoh, but there is clearly a designer at Digiflavor that is enjoying a tasty wage bonus right about now as he has been BUSY.
This can easily be mistaken as the ‘little brother’ of the RDA with a buffoons name attached to it (we’re talking conscience free here ) It’s super clean looking, brushed stainless…and we all know how us blokes feel about brushed stainless..


aw yeah baby….you tell em …ahem…anyways…it’s also available in black…meh, and comes out at about 3 or 4 dollars less than the Pharaoh (around $33), which to be honest seems about right to me,it’s the size of a Tsunami (25mm) and about as tall, it has the spring clamps…more on that later, it has the catch cup in the lid and it all screws off in the same way, BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE THE ANTI SPIT-BACK DRIP TIP! …WHY??..(the devil is in the details)..it does however have a very clever air flow system which lets you choose between more flavour, or more clouds, simply by unscrewing it a bit more, explained much easier in this diagram…



And these images


clear?…..good….then we shall proceed  this system is very innovative, it took some very squinty eyed up close observations on my part with lots of “how the f..” and “what’s that bit for??” followed by a few “ahhhh”…(still clueless but my 4yr old daughter was watching me and i wanted to seem intelligent). It works, It works really well actually, I really am genuinely a fan of how Digiflavor is coming up with new innovations surrounding what is essentially a very simple idea with regards to RDA’s…these little tweaks here and there that keep them set apart from the rest of the pack is what in my opinion makes their gear an attractive choice for any vape fiend’s arsenal.
DAMMIT they should of put the anti-spit back drip tip on though, it is such an easily implemented, cheap to make item that I thought was brilliant on the Pharaoh, Any one of us knows the feeling of having your tongue peppered with boiling hot meteorites of vegetable glycerine continuously as you over drip like a mad man/woman and then be sat there all like


Now, onto the spring clamps I mentioned earlier, I love these things, they’re so easy to build on it’s ridiculous, who needs post holes where you are restricted with what size coil you can fit in it, these things have a HUGE amount of space available

I wicked the thing up nice and fluffy, added some of my absolutely unbelievably delicious (ahem) liquid , screwed the thing all back up again and opened it up fully for the widest air flow available, I like a free draw, I love flavour but I love draw more, I’m probably 65% clouds 45% flavour for my perfect toot ….I was ready and primed for my first hit, I slowly pulled the drip tip closer to my pursed lips…


You know it Harley….:wink:

Wait I think all these women gifs are sending my review in a very different direction ….I need something a little less distracting …


there really is nothing better than Darth Vader on a fair ground ride to really put you back on track eh works every time…now..where was I….oh yes, the hit…..lovely, But then I knew it would be, Digiflavour know how to make an RDA, I’ve been tooting on it all night and I can confirm it is a solid RDA, very much worthy of any collection, and is at a price that more than matches it’s worth.
I shall end this review with a picture that perfectly represents the hazzards of a miss spent youth and the results of several broken noses.
you will not Dragon..
you will three quarter Dragon…and be happy with that (the shame)


and as always a little gallery of the star of the show as well as a link to where you can get yourself one
Thank you very much for sticking with this monstrosity this far, you are a very strangely entertained person, and I love you dearly  Toodles!







What?….oh come on there’s always room for more Harley and a blatant AND unnecessary ELR plug
(obsessed much) 

Digiflavor Lynx RDA


Build Quality











  • Great Airflow
  • clean looks
  • spring clamps
  • coil options
  • not endorsed by Rip


  • Screw top
  • no anti spit tip

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